Recker is a member of the Merchants Association, the Board of Trade, the Chamber of Commerce and the Columbia Club member of theKiwanis, and one of the organizers of the Better Business Bureau. If possible be one of the representatives in its executive body. Outside of the areas of actual pus there is granulation tissue in varying stages of formation, from a tissue composed almost exclusively of granulation cells and leucocytes to a tissue rich in basement-substance and with elongated and containing an excess of leucocytes, among which are many mononuclear forms. At the age of twelve he went to work, being the handy boy in a general store for a year and a half.

Members of the staff are in constant attendance for consultations. Bailey Aracese) gives instant relief from the pain caused by the Euphorbiacese), described by Eidley as a climber of no great size, which is found in thickets and waste spots. Houghton, who declared that, if there was no further business to be attended to, the meeting stood adjourned. I have selected four cases illustrating, in the first place, the clinical diversity shown by kidneys bearing such tumors, and later more recent pathological "" ideas regarding this type In looking for the signs of these neoplasms we are usually taught to expect to find tumor, hematuria and pain. Highly desirable courses are shown in bold face type. The author succeeds in accomplishing his purpose that present methods of treatment may be set forth so as to be practicable. The reviewer has never found Kraft-Ebbing in all his filthy exhibits to arouse the slightest suspicion of his serious aim.

Too often operations have been advised from the deductions of a snap diagnosis. Sins of omission we may censure; but what can we say of the man who maliciously commits sins of commission in the medical or surgical treatment of his patient.

The patient bore the operation well and made a perfect recovery and is well To bear out the diagnosis that It was typhoid fever and that the cholecystitis was merely a complication, his wife, who was one of his nurses, was taken with typhoid fever, had hemorrhage from the bowels, was very Dr. It frequently occurred that, when the necessary dose had been determined, its continuous administration over several or more days resulted in very rapid and marked loss in body-weight, an indication of the greatest importance, meaning, that if the alcohol be continued the animal is practically certain to die.

The course is designed to bridge the gap between anatomy in the abstract and clinical anatomy applied to the study and practice of medicine and surgery.

It is more probable that the pressure was due to congestion, or to it is improbable that the middle meningeal arteries of both sides were injured or that the injury was greater on one side than the other, but most likely they were on a par, only affecting different nerves, and the rapid improvement in the nerves would incline one to believe that no severe injury to the nerves had taken place. Its safety must, therefore, be accepted as relative rather than of the same age and kind, say pigeons, be placed in chambers of the same size, and exposed at the same temperatures, and under other conditions the same, to equal values of chloroform, tetracJiloride of carbon, and bichloride of methylene, the resistance to death will be as fourteen to five in favour of the bichloride of methylene against the tetrachloride of carbon, ahd as fourteen to nine against" In the second place, when animals are exposed until they are killed by these vapours, there is a marked diff"erence in the maintenance of muscular irritability. No part of this truly meritorious work presents a stronger claim to the attention and the confidence of the profession, than the chapter on Childbed Fever.

Frank Rutherford has removed from Dr. Had the consulting physician operated over the site of trouble as indicated by the symptoms he never would have reached the diseased area. The lymphatics of the neck under the was a mass of lymphatics enormonsly eidurged. While he continued to have a slight elevation of temperature occasionally, he became much brighter, his headache was relieved almost entirely, and when present it was very intense for a short time and then would cease this time showed them again to be practically In addition to "" the serological treatment, he was treated by full feeding, at first with chiefly liquid diet, tiben with solids also, and with large amounts of fluid. In proportion as people are well built their stomach ap proaches a certain type. It is suggested that the elective list given herewith be used as a guide. Bisgyer, Jay Lewis Gallinger Municipal Hospital, Washington, D.

In consequence of the non-arrival of many expected members, the regular order of business was suspended, and the reading of the The Society then proceeded to the election of new members when the following gentlemen were proposed and elected: It was moved and carried that a Committee of five be appointed by the President to nominate officers for the ensuing year.

It is clearly written, says enough, and rarely too much, and explains its statements, thus retaining the interest. Another served in Congress for a number of years from.

Taylor, who was a captain of engineers in the Civil war, earning promotion from tbe ranks to a captaincy, has been a resident of LaPorte for over half a century, and for many years was bead of one of the largest printing concerns of that city. Careful study of the symptomatology of-cerebral tumours will contribute to our knowledge perfectly than can be accomplished by the knife of the experimental physiologist. Physiological action of the vagus on the normal heart.

In certain barbarous localities the broken scraps of food are thrown promiscuously about to fester and feed flies. The necessity of free nasal breathing is perhaps appreciated. Douglass ADVISORY COMMITTEE OF THE FACULTY It is to be noted that for convenience of reference the names of the members of the Faculty are listed in the forepart of this catalogue in alphabetical order.