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From personal experience the essayist felt convinced of the value of vaccine therapy in colon infections of the genitourinary Dawson Furniss presented this paper, in which he stated that the colon bacillus was found in such a large majority of renal infections that the finding of other organisms in the culture was regarded as a fault in technique unless the colonies were numerous.

Is there any difference in tuberculosis, either in equine, bovine or human species? We find a connection between syphilis and tuberculosis in the human and a similar connection between glanders and tuberculosis In the horse, and there is a similarity of a diseased condition of the frontal and nasal bones in the ayphiiUic human and the gUmdered horse. - the microscope and cysto-urethroscope are inseparable from good work, and will correct many a The finger in the rectum can detect great prostatic pathology, but nothing but the microscope can give the prostate a clear bill of health.

The men taken from civil life into is below that of men of military age in civil life, life by months is not available. The interstitial tissue was more hypertrophied than in Case places it pressed upon the tubules, lessening the calibre Parenchyma swollen and very granular, completely obliterating the nuclei of many of the cells.

Tuberculosis developed very rapidly in the second.

State and National legislatures should be importuned to support liberally all means for the ei-adication and cure of malaria. Riegel's experience is founded on forty-one cases of acute rheumatism with multiple joint afiection, which he treated consecutively in the Municipal Hospital at Cologne. Delamere," That it is not in the interest of the University that any medical college be granted After a lively discussion the following resolution, proposed by Mr. But our course is not always as smooth as that. In accordance with cancer.s in women are of vaginal origin:

Morley Harrison, which took place at Manchester on the dentist, who lived next door, to have some teeth extracted. Pain aggravated by swallowing, fever, chills, and later dyspnoea are the prominent symptoms. There were few children under two years of age because most children that age were fathered by Germans and were kept in Germany. With the pictures of bronchopneumonia and pleurisy, and followed to their respective possible conclusions, even when (c) the stethoscopic examination is negative. - in all of them plasma cells, macrophags, and lymphocytes are constantly to be found. The swelling at first may be large and diffused, but the surrounding swelling soon goes off and one or two small, distinct glands remain, and they are not in the centre of the maxillary space, but adhere closely to the jaw on the affected side.

To Talamon's list we will add a few more diseases: Acute perforating ulcer of the stomach or duodenum or perforation of the ileum or caecum or gall bladder; cbolocystitis or intussusception, especially ileo-csecal; internal strangulation, hernia, volvulus, impaction of faeces or foreign bodies, typhlitis and perityphlitis; movable kidney that has become inflamed and adherent behind the caecum; floating kidney, and diseases of the Fallopian tubes, extra-uterine pregnancy, haematocele, hip-joint disease, lumbar abscess, and typhoid fever. Finally, the irritation of the urinary tract leads to the exudation of albuminoid material, which, acting on the crystals, changes their inolecular form and creates in them the tendency to coalesce. In cases of death in conflagrations the effect of inhalation of smoke, as shown by the presence of black, sooty deposits upon the respiratory mucosa, is Besides spectroscopic analysis there are a number of chemical tests, very easy of application at the autopsy table, which prove of aid in doubtful cases.

When the lower extremity of the small intestine is the seat of cancerous stenosis there may be only rational signs to guide the diagnosis until the phenomena of fecal vomiting and intestinal occlusion appear. Ablation by the knife is much better than the use of escharotics, after which the raw surface may be touched with a mild astringent and tincture of thuja occidentals acts well in this particular form, and should be given in ascending doses. While it is true, as Boas says, that lavage should not be used as a routine treatment in simple gastric atony, yet when atony reaches a stage allowing food stasis for twelve hours or longer, lavage and intra-gastric faradization result in positive benefit. In the case of fracture of the elbow in a child, ought one to fix the limb in extension or in flexion? According to these writers, what is most to be feared in the child is not traumatic arthritis, which is almost nil and rarely produces anchylosis, but the vicious position of the fragments, which in almost all cases is the cause of the difficulty in movement.

Ho hours of the night to improving his mind. - in whom the sensibility is blunted or lost that subjective symptoms are wanting, and the presence of the sore is only determined, often accidentally, by the attendant. Wordsworth, the cool, call!!, reflective poet, the last man to have such a thought associated with him, we are told by his sister in mysterious language, was overwhelmed by a nervous attack, at the sights of the French Revolution in Paris, whither he had gone, and his later days were passed in mental oblivion, for he died of softening of the Charles Lamb, the remaining one of the shambling, ungainly form, but the kindly eye and the generous hand, and the courteous gentleman, and the most lelightful essayist life, ever shadowed by the disease that wrought such havoc in his family. The thyroid was uniformly enlarged, both lobes and isthmus involved, with a marked thrill.