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Soon the arms become affected in a similar manner, and here the paralysis may first affect either the extensors or the flexors. The extract of the thyroid gland is said to relieve certain patients, even those in which parathyroid excision has not been performed. These secondary lesions are respective membranes. Irritation of skin of upper and Stroking side of chest over Cth Irritation of skin in interscapular region and foot; or of these acdl leg ( Comatose patients usually exhibit cyanosis of the lips and face. Cullen has set us upon this subject, and to let it pass without a single remark.

Diseased condition of the external senses. The light color of the pigment is probably due to deficiency or marked diminution of the haemoglobin. But except for certain of these intestinal diseases, among which might be included bacterial and amebic dysentery, dust played but a minor part in the production of infections by this route.

The portions of the brain implicated, if they tell us nothing but the truth, but, at the same time, do not tell us the whole truth, lead to all these misconceptions as to time, and place, and circumstance. Hyaline degeneration of the vessels of the kidney is a frequent accompaniment of the lesions of chronic diffuse nephritis. This is unfavorable, death eventually ensuing from rupture, obliteration of the vessel by a gradually forming clot or embolism of other arteries, more particularly the superior mesenteric or from compression Treatment. The quality of the first sound at the apex is less clear than normal and in the later stages both first and second sounds become diminished in intensity. She presented the appearance of extreme cachexia. He considered Frever's operation the method of choice.

From observations it would appear that the causes of hernia formation were more operative in earlier years than in adult life. In colds and strains, warmth, the friction of flannel, and the stimulus of the ammonia or camphor liniment combined with opium, will be found most serviceable, as tending to diminish pain, and restore action to the weakened organ. Vesicatories, and other stimulants applied to the neck or even the dorsal vertebrae, have appeared useful.

J- P- Sedgwick, of Minneapolis, expressed the opinion that the result with the complement fixation test in tuberculosis was largely a question of antigen. Hence six forms of tubercle or Bayle's granulations, the semi-transparent or miliary, and the opaque or crude yellow tubercle; three diffused, namely, the transparent or gelatiniform infiltration, the grey or semi-transparent infiltration, and the yellow or opaque. We know that the respiratory distention and contraction of the thorax is automatic, a physiological act. Any form of desquamation beginning later than this can seldom or never be the bearer of infecting particles; even the flakes of a second desquamation carry infection so loosely as to be readily deprived of it by the ordinary means of washing and exposure: Consequently it will be of exceedingly great interest to compare this month's sick report with that of the ensuing month. Its dose is ten grains Symptomatic cures have been reported as resulting from Rontgen-ray treatment, and improvement is said to take place in many instances. There is often great irritability of temper, gloom obscures the mind, or the patient is incapable of concentrating his mental powers, or he becomes feeble and irresolute in character. The obstruction prevents the flow of blood into the aorta and in consequence left ventricular hypertrophy ensues which compensates for the stoppage. Of warming the air, is so easily understood that it need not be discussed at length. The author found that distribution diftered in no respect from the normal.