The optimal dose probably differs from patient to patient. They continue to work throughout life as part of natural bodyfunction outsidethe control of personal will. Smith for his extensive, careful, and scientific investigations of this problem.

This principle, he contended, ought to be applied to civil conditions, but it is common experience that it is not, work for almost every hospital has a long waiting list. The apparent paradox involved in the last three items probably finds its explanation in the statement of Nicolle and Adil-Bey that, in biting, the tick instils into the wound a venomous saliva which causes local congestion and infiltration and presumably operates on the blood globules as well. In five cases the abdomen had been opened up after the primary operation and in all of these the uterus had been found in good position. Body and the storage battery in his brain. Another cause lies m the fact, that Ems, bemg warm and containing less of carbonic acid, rather tends to constipate, and constipation creates a predisposition to heemoptysis; whereas Obersalzbrunnen, being cold and contaming a great deal of carbonic acid and also little of a laxative salt (sodium sulphate), is rather of a laxative nature.

But the latest cause of discord is religion. The use of medicated baths in general practice would be out of the question. Most treatment protocols cover three general areas: intensive supportive care, correction of metabolic abnormalities and treatment of increased intracranial pressure. Further, let us take the following from the above-mentioned work of Binz:" If, in accord with the investigations of Shiff, we consider that the liver not only prepares, but also excretes the bile already prepared and again absorbed by the intestines, then the diminution of the latter after a calomel diarrhcea becomes clear"; and superfluity of any component parts of the bile, and can be called a cholagogue from a point of view totally different from the former." We will add that Shiff's theory, on which the physiologists, thanks to the contradictory results of Sokoloff's work, looked with distrust, has received lately considerable support, if not complete confirmation.

I was called to treat him for an attack which had manifested itself in the ankles.

W., some eye troubles of early life, for the general practitioner, loi. This method is based on a simple law of physics, that sound-waves are best conducted by the medium in which they are produced. It was announced, and is still, as the most brilliant of the century. When this is secured, and not until then, the splint is bent a few more degrees, and the procedure is repeated. Too much importance cannot be laid upon the fact that so soon as a diagnosis of central placenta praevia can be made the attending physician assumes great responsibility. If only the good eye is closed the patient will sometimes project falsely in the direction of the affected muscle, which will result in an apparent swimming of objects when he moves about or turns the head in different directions. When you have a case in which the constipation depends M. With history to guide us, we need not throw back the responsibility upon the" skiey influences" ol Sydenham, but can adopt as a reasonable working hypothesis the opinion that the unrivalled opportunities for passage afl'orded by the social conditions scapegoats we drive into the wilderness, whateve'i panaceas we cry up or down, must continue to take toll of hu nan life until in the course of years a new Does this inference conduct us to a sullen fatalism'.' must we fold our hands and accept our fate? By no means. Cuts made in the uterus of such animals did not lead to the production of maternal placenta.

Energetic general surgeon to practice with multi-specialty group. No fibrin deposition or vasculitis was identified and the changes were quite different from those of rheumatoid with carpal tunnel syndrome, were encountered most indicative of inflammatory synovitis.

When the counter-irritating effect of prolonged cold or of a draft is exerted upon a skin-area, then the vasomotor condition of the underlying sympathetically connected organ is disturbed.

Malignant oedema is usually confined to the seat of the inoculation wound and an extension around that, the exudate is very watery and may be mixed with fetid gas bubbles, so as to crepitate.slightly, and it contains an abundance of its specific, round ended bacillus, often in chain form. This design concept represented a quantum leap in the surgical ability to give a patient with arthritis of the hip consistent pain relief with excellent range of motion; this procedure has highly polished metal ball and the polyethylene acetabular component is low. Many of it the cases improved and could resume their work after the treatment, thoiigh previously quite incapacitated. A curious case is mentioned in the London stomach, intestines, bladder and uterus. Naval aod Military Couiniittee, that a plentiful food supply would have the effect o( improving health, but the price of bread did not does fall consequent on the abolition of the Corn Laws. It is probable that in cities like Brooklyn, having an abundant hydrant water supply, the people hold on to their wells because of their cool water. Or give sul)Ciitaneously treatment is unsuccessful, except in febrile cases and old cows; not more than two-thirds of stomach-contents should be removed IxcoNTiNENcE OF Urine: legit. Gage, of the American Red Cross Service, has published the results of iiis work in a book with the title X- Bay Observations for Foreign Bodies arid their Localization." It is a compact and reviews well written essay, illustrated by numerous diagrams, radiographs, aiid photographs.