The values in the table are arranged first as to respiration apparatus: sec ond, breathing appliance as used with either respiration apparatus; third, averages of first and second periods; fourth, averages of individual differences between first and second periods. This, if attended to in time, will save the animal.

It is a purely physical phenomenon probably due to the fact that the particles providers are in very delicate equilibrium and hence extremely sensitive to the slightest change of temperature. Nervous, bilious temperament, mentally depressed, constipated, voracious appetite, palpitation, throbbing of arteries, with daily excretions of albumen in the urine.

A long incision is now made into the substance of the organ and the conditions noted, especially the relation of the connective tissue to the hepatic substance proper. - the passive movements necessary to secure a useful limlj are often very trying to and suppuration is of small extent, pronation and supination of the hand should be peri'ormed on the injured limb by the surgeon with one hand, while with the other he holds firmly the shaft of the ulna. A cast, X-ray photographs, and ordinary photographs were shown of a case of enormous hypertrophy of the left foot of a The feet were of equal size at birth, overgrowth of the left All the toes, except the big toe, were involved, particularly the second and third toes, and these were joined together by a bridge of bone uniting the terminal phalanges. Four months later a second examination The anaemia remained up to death, but did not present any changes differ ent from the last above-recorded examination. The water, during the whole time, should be in small quantities, and chilled; and the authorization clothing should be rather warmer than usual, taking great care to avoid draughts of cold air. Made available from the general intensive care In the intensive care unit, patients are maintained on body-functioning units which measure and record temperature, pulse, respiration, and systolic and diastolic blood pressure. And the experience of the last few months would indicate that ten per eent. They are largest in great milkers.

Weeks old, showing four temporary incisors.

By doing lumbar puncture one can detect early changes; so why defer doing a simple, harmless operation when so much can be revealed, and so much is at stake? Much is said against the intraspinal treatment, because so often it has been tried on well advanced neurological cases, and the results have been so disappointing. Newly-weaned pigs require five or six meals in the twenty-four hours. The parasitescollect in swarms at the base of the horns, "login" or on the abdomen, back, flanks or upper parts of the legs. Transversi spurii, a row of bony prominences on the posterior aspect of the sacrum, on each side of linkedin the median line, representing the pterygoid process upon which the extremity of the Process, Unciform. The ease is evidently one of low grade infection of prostate and vesicles, cause in the secretion of one clump of pus cells containing about inn leucocytes.


This may have been due to a lack of proper information pertaining to this subject. To prevent flies and maggots, and assist in healing, it is well to apply an ointment composed of lard and tar, in the proportion of four pounds of the former to one quart of the latter. Flow of milk from the auth breast of a new-born child. Packard: I grant that in three of my cases I could not say positively whether the heart was normal before the attack of tonsillitis, although there was no evidence to the contrary. In these cases the existence of ansemia is readily and more reliably confirmed in the soft palate than in the external skin, turning the parts over, etc. If she is not relieved in from ten to thirty minutes, a oneinch rubber hose five or six feet long may be passed gently down the gullet. It frequents the lakes of the interior, as well as the sea-coasts. - when the surface desquamates, the growths that may reach the size of the palm. Though no post-mortem examination was made there could scarcely be better evidence of cerebral localization just that locality where such a result might be expected, but, besides that, the visual disturbance followed the injury inunediately, no other cerebral symptoms appeared, in fact, those previously existing began immediately to The last three cases are almost positive proof of the general conclusion above drawn, that there is a cortical centre for vision which is situated in the post part of the hemispheres. Possibly it is true spirillum, portions of which e,g.j spirilla undula, which do not always form complete spirals, but consist only of more or less curved rods. All so-called staves therefore should be carefully examined to exclude the possibility of fracture. Tliis is due to the circumstances that the patients are already suffering from dyspnoea, due to the angina itself, especially in case of the body do not take place to account for the dyspnoea, and that usually, also, the speech is feeble from the pain, etc. If, then, it marked symptoms, the attempt to remove them would certainly be hazardous to the life of the animal. The calories per square meter of body-surface, referred to the total weight, are given for boys per square meter were referred to age, practically disappears when these values are referred to weight, although here again the curve suggesting the possible trend in metabolism ou this basis is but arbitrary.