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A section through the nipple, which was of the full size, revealed the fact that several lactiferous ducts were filled with the same pinkish substance. At least he was able to take some food. The dermic alterations are a great deal less important. On this account it is a very good plan to have the sanitary officers deliver popular lectures to the various civic b ulies, as a very important part of the campaign. Again: he attempted to define the locality of a pain, which the person whose hand example of" thought-reading", more accurately the reading of indications from unconscious muscular movements, was the pointing out letters which spelt a word present to the mind of a person, whose hand he held, and whom he caused to move with himself (both blindfolded) before an alphabet printed on cards.

Nor does the optic nerve perceive the entire range of radiation. Were it otherwise, their ability to live in tropical climates not only without suffering, but in health, would be interfered with. By the increased temperature of our illustrative iron the excursions to and fro of the oscillating light corpuscles become faster and faster, and with their increased rapidity the amplitude of their swing from side to side is correspondingly lessened. How absurd to accept unchallenged the assertion that most of the stomach cases coming into the hands of the internist are the beginning of carcinoma and should have exploratory incision! When surgical intervention is rationally indicated, there is no class of cases in which success is as gratifying; but, taken as a whole, less than two per cent, of stomach cases require surgery.

Then it must be used determinedly, but without exhibition of temper. Tiie author comes to the conclusion that the normal, thick, many-layered plaster epithelium is a development from the cylindrical epithelium, and believes that those erosions round the outer OS in infants really represent a remaining behind of the normal transformation of cylindrical into plaster epithelium, which commences in early life far down on the vaginal aspect of the cervical portion, and gradually extends concentrically towards the outer author means the occurrence in the virgin uterus of deep transverse fissuring of the vaginal portion, similar to what occurs nearly normally in connexion with every first labour, and which in extreme cases gives rise to the condition known as Emmet's laceration ectropion. Though the results of gastroenterostomy in benign cases of pyloric stenosis are cases to the contrary notwithstanding:

He had not heard the term before, and did not know any venereal disease, that could be so described. The presence or absence of inflammatory changes or bacteria can frequently be determined only by histological and cultural examinations. By doubling the distance the strength of the light is diminished to one-fourth.

Reviews - dickinson was inclined to consider the hepatic abscess in dysentery as due to the absorption of irritating material from the intestine, as Dr. Lewis; after which the house was thrown open to men and a waiting list. The haemorrhage was controlled and the wound dressed with iodoform and tannin and left open.

If good facilities are not had for keeping the early litters warm, the farrowing had better be deferred until May, or at the time of grass, according to Gestation continues about four months. Classed with those produced by septicyemia in the wounded and in animals. Frequent washings are to be avoided, and the kind of soap used attended to. Directly instances where there is little or no external evidence of venous engorgement.

In swine the diminution of l.iiig power is particularly seen. It does not, he says, seem improbable, when considering the action of the allied thermal frequencies, that the red frequencies too should have a beneficial effect. That which is now proposed will not go very far in this direction, but it will at least remove some preliminary difficulties, by increasing the opportunities for candidates to present themselves for examination, and by lessening the expense and waste of time which has hitherto been incidental to the successful or unsuccessful who passed through all the stages of examination (