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Probably there are few things in our professional life which make a deeper and more lasting impression upon our minds than the deathbed scenes of our first patients, and especially so if the objects of our solicitude chance to be beautiful little children strug gling for life in the grasp of that so luuch"In the long list of human diseases, there is none which presents a more painful scene of anguish and distress, or which excites more poignant feelings of sympathy in the heart of the physician, than the one now under consideration. Hot and cold baths are supplied. The following section and society officers steroids were Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat: A. In physics, the work of Descartes, Kepler, Sanctorius, Hooke, Borelli, and Scheiner has been mentioned, and of physician-chemists we need refer only to van Helmont, who first used the term"gas," and knew the properties of hydrogen, carlxin dioxide, and sulphur dioxide; Leeuwenhoek and Redi, who were the first food chemists; Boyle, who first defined chemical" elements," founded analytical chemistrj', and discovered that the pressure of a gas is proportional to its density (Boyle's law); John Willis, who discovered the sweetish taste of diabetic urine. Doubling up will be avoided as far as possible. There is no history of hemothorax or pleuritic effusion in this ease.

Furthermore, the absence of pyloric resistance has a decided negative effect upon the grinding of the ingesta. Indeed, all formal operations for compound dislocations should be greatly restricted. To sterilize the outfit, wash it thoroughly rinse with sterile water; or boil it with the tubes off, taking care not to subject the glass to sudedn changes of temperature. The erfahrung teaching consisted almost entirely of didactic lecures. Let us hand in hand with heart and mind join in promoting the welfare of American medicine, until she has reached the proudest pinnacle in the world of science, until she has become the fountain-head of knowledge for the benefit of mankind. It may be stated without fear of controversy that the Exhibit will prove most entertaining and exercise a potent educational influence upon the meeting. Nevertheless, he was a physician of alert intelligence and fascinating personality, who at least endeavored to make his teaching anjrthing but dull.

As a result of the adoption of this rule some medicines that were advertised ilirect to the laity have been withdrawn from the newspapers and now appear in medical journals alone. Aconitine will very greatly modify fever, and, by increasing the secretions in general it assists ehmination, curtails and even aborts disease; all of which reduces suffering and brings ease to these patients; thus improving Calomel and a saline laxative used at the beginning of acute diseases unload the gastrointestinal tract, increase gastrointestinal secretions, eliminate poisonous products, and thereby greatly improve the conditions of such patients and certainly bring ease and comfort sooner than by waiting for slower An emetic, when the stomach is overloaded by putrefying contents that have produced symptoms of autoinfection, often gives prompt relief, followed by improvement, especially during or after a prolonged spree. It is true that the question is not addressed to the jury but to a witness; nevertheless, on this answer the jury must pass, and if the question is unintelligible or difficult to follow on the part of the jurymen, how are we to expect that their opinion of an opinion will be of value? The present legal status of the hypothetical question seems to be involved in as many contradictions as the legal view of the qualifications of the expert.

After the first month, extreme poverty settled down upon the entire community, and for the intervening months people was corn-meal and water, with a limited supply of meal. The mucous membrane about the anus and glans penis and urethra were also covered with a membranous deposit. Your Committee, though human, has declined all personal courtesies offered by several competing roads, and have had, in advising United States, noted for his work in this department, and for his contributions to its literature, a member of the American'Whitcomb Eliphalet Pratt, M.D., College of Physicians member of the Virginia State Medical Society and the American Medical Association, died from valvular heart disease, Alexander Stewart, M.D., College of Medicine of Queen's prominent and successful pliysieian of MeHenry County and a member of the American JIedical Association, at his home in of the oldest practitioners of Madison, Me., formerly superintendent of schools and representative in the state legislature, Thomas Alexander Means, M.D., Atlanta Medical College, Confederate service throughout the civil war, died at his home Robert O Brien Durrett, M.D., University of Louisville, gouge. Spontaneous rupture is rare in tuberculosis of the "reviews" spleen (Cannaday, Pringle). When I arrived, I found she was still failing, and the friends were anxious to have me stay with her through the night, or as long as it might be necessary. Thus in the kidney, adenomata sometimes are found which correspond in structure to the adrenal. Pole and Dobson find Jasser operates successfully on the mastoid. Animals cannot combine the elementary bodies, but these are taken by plants and formed into organic.substances, speedily break up into simpler forms, and, indeed, when life ceases to protect them their putrefactive decomposition begins immediately and ends in their resolutimi into the very substances from which they were originally constructed.

As a rule this method suffices for clinical purposes, and it has much to recommend it over the use of instruments for the same distal one firmly pressed to prevent reflux pulsation, while the middle finger is used to observe the effect upon the pulsation of increasing pressure exerted by the proximal finger. It is earnestly hoped, therefore, that in every county the county health officer will promptly take such steps as may be necessary to make his medical directory complete for every beat. In no vessels showed the elastic tissue and the muscular coat to be qualitatively normal. But though we cannot speak of actual nvuubers. I have used it in simple and in serious cases, in sporadic and epidemic cases, complicated with gall stones, and as it occasionally occurs in pregnant women.

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