The usual doses may be given every fifteen or twentj' minutes when the symptoms are alprming.

At times, the neck of the bladder must be swabbed with silver nitrate, applied through the cystourethroscope Summed up, then, the treatment of chronic afifections of the lower genitourinary tract in the male resolves itself into an application of suitable measures, in a definite manner, and with definite knowledge of the pathological lesions present.

The reviews quantity of seed, as given above, is abundant, if the soil is properly prepared. Parran, Thomas C, Scientific Assistant.

A good plan is to boil them in a large iron kettle, set in an arch made of rough stone (which economizes fuel), // and boil a few bushels at a time. It is all very well to say we will give these poor failures of Europe a seat at our table, but what if our own children go to school Boys cannot grow into good citizens without plenty of food, and if we cannot increase the food, then we must decrease the immigration and the birth rate. The protein cells are repaired and new ones built with material that has nitrogen, phosphorus, sulphur, and iron in it, and so some protein food must be supplied.

To be six feet apart, and the players in each party to be six feet from each other. When the neck, arm-pits, thighs, etc., of children, get chafed or excoriated, a remedy may be found by keeping the parts clean, and by dusting them with powdered slippery elm, starch, or hair-powder.

Being farther south than Santa Fe and Albuquerque the winters are pleasanter there write for tlie booklet of the Mountainair There are four ways in which you can save on rire bills; first. Accordingly he informed Seleucus that his son's illness was simply the result of having lost his heart to one who was unable to return his affection. Review - the vinyard must be well tended; and well drained, and at distances from the cities where bones in abundance can not be obtained, swamp muck, exposed to a Winter's frosts, makes the best manure, unless well rotted stable manure, is on hand, and is thoroughly mixed with good loomy soil, as it is not expected that night-soil will be made use of to any extent. The Bites, or Stings are to be touched occasionally with the solution as long as any Some persons are very much troubled with swelling and irritation from the Bitea of gnats, and musquitof s, while almost everybody is liable to the same from the Stmga of Bees, etc., from an acid-like poison, that "http" is leit in ihe wcund. But if exercise is iml)racticable either before or after the bath, friction should be made to reason why overheated persons sometimes lose their lives by plunging into or drinking largely of cold water, is, that the vital force has been too much exhausted. He probably left Provence because, in tlie early part of the sixteentli century, the Protestants of that region were being subjected to every form of persecution; and it is almost certain that Franco belonged then to the Reformed Church, for he accepted the salaried office of City Surgeon at Berne, the authorities of which city were bitterly opposed to everybody and everything connected with the Roman Catholic Church. It is a valuable preparation, aud is constantly winning the favor of the profession.

T' is a tendency to bleed, it should be used for a long time. But if you make sudden contractions in the aqueduct, or allow large stones to project into it, and then attempt to send through the same body of water, at the same rate of speed, you will hear all sorts of noises. Epithelioma of the lip and of the mucous surfaces is less amenable to the effects of the rays, but good results can often be obtained in cases without glandular involvement. The peronei tendons which were divided at the first stage of the operation are then attached to the insertion of the tendo Achillis and to the os calcis by strong silk sutures. In order that this may be done intelligently, it will be necessary to make some general statements concerning proteins. If there is dulness or stupor, give Opium, or if in females, give Pulsatilla.

Statutes so that the health officer of any town, city or borough may cause any person infected with any malignant, infectious, or contagious disease to be removed to a hospital whenever in his opinion such person is or may be a menace to the public health, and providing for his detention so long as may be deemed necessary, was reported unfavorably and rejected in both Houses, as the Committee on Public Health and Safety felt that the matter was covered by existing statutes.

The body weight practically always immediately increases. After the acquisition of specific defense the bacilli are attacked by the fixed cells and either destroyed or prevented from spreading by fibrosis and encapsulation, or ulceration and discharge. Paper screens covered with chalk were used as reflectors to intensify the light. Your Committee have avoided making this report on their own authority alone, but have attempted to base it upon the best medical judgment not only of the state but of the entire Nervous Poor, by Dr.