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It is easy to increase this anorexia by disagreeable odors. Here and in the associated laboratories, he learns the chemical processes of the body in health and disease, the supplementary relationship of the dififerent organs, the provision for their maintenance and repair and comes to recognize and to know the functions of the microscopic organisms with which the bodv teems. Quincke nevertheless suggested that it may occur as a purely functional disturbance, from stretching of the orifice, and Newton Pitt has collected some cases which Etiology.

You will hear it said by men of admitted experience, that they have often seen children die admitted, that membranous croup commenced with the larynx. It is true that the germs of the disease retain their virulence for a long time and outlive seemingly unfavorable conditions, such as long transportation in letters. It is scarcely necessary to remark that the purity or impurity of the air must, in an especial manner, never be overlooked. Papera will also be set on the following seven subjects; and each Candidate will be required to offer himself for examination on one subject at least, at the option of the Candidate; but no Candidate wiU be allowed to oli'er himself Besides these Translations into English, the Candidate wiU be required to answer questions on the Grammar of each subject whether compulsory or selected. In such cases Fellows' "" syrup hypophosphates will prove of great value and is readily taken by the child. The injection should be given very slowly, five to fifteen minutes should be taken for the purpose.

A muscle may be defined as a distinct portion of flesh, susceptible of contraction and relaxation, by which motion and action, voluntary, involuntary, and mixed, are produced. In endocarditis of the left side of the heart, the organs which suffer are in order of frequency kidney, spleen, brain, and liver.

In the case of the frog's heart, it has been shown by Gaskell that compression between the auricle and ventricle will interrupt the rhythm, so that instead of each auricular systole being followed by a ventricular contraction, three or four auricular contractions may occur before the Increased pressure within the ventricle does not always produce the same result.

Name of the Twin Flower, a trailing evergreen of the order Caprifoliacea.

It grows wild in the Southern United States, near the sea-coast. The letter concludes:" I owe you many thanks, for you alone have cured me from a dreadful state after I had been ineffectually treated by several physicians here." What a high respect for the medical art is taught us by such simple clinical observations. Give him also, after his nights fast, this: take vinegar mingled with somewhat of gladden, and of long pepper ten corns or clusters, and mustard; mingle all together, and triturate; give him after a nights fasting, one spoon measure. Not only so, but we have to change this disposition in the foot to throw out such material, and induce the material to secrete or produce a new sole.

Also the Pharmacopceial name American Columbo. Little tendency to venous stasis is found, and only slight subcutaneous oedema or visceral disturbance.

It is possible I may fasten up the displaced kidney.' In one case I did seven operations at one sitting; I curetted the uterus, closed the cervix, sewed up the anterior vaginal wall, repaired the perineum, opened the abdomen, removed a fibroid growth, and sewed the uterus up to the anterior abdominal wall. The cause that led to the adenoids originally has not been eliminated and the symptoms that were made more marked by the presence of the pharyngeal timiors do not entirely disappear after removal of the latter. The King appealed to that instinct, and the thunders of applause which greeted him as he passed through the foreign capitals cleared away the clouds which gathered around the foreign relationships of this country; our position at the present time with our Continental neighbours is a much better one than it has been for many years past.