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Following internship serving as an Army medical officer until February, Doctor Callahan was a Soo Line physician and surgeon and was licensed in the state of Minnesota. An excellent and most convenient form of petticoat will be found in taking three yards of flannel with a tape run into it lengthways. Those who have not been so fortunate will, never-the-less feel disposed to assume the same attitude on their discharge.

The difficulty of breathing continues to increase for some length of time; both inspiration and expiration are performed slowly, and with a wheezing noise; the speech becomes difficult and uneasy; cough succeeds, followed by the most anxious difficulty of breathing; the patient is threatened with immediate suiFocation, and is obliged instantly to rise from the horizontal position; the face is sometunes tui'gid, and of a livid hue; at others it is morbidly pale and contracted. Large vessels or in the heart itself, long-continued palpitations, inflammation of the lining membrane, or of the pericardium; chronic diseases of the lungs, especially emphysema.


One of the biggest problems in control of these two diseases of the central nervous system is that very litle is known about the actual nature of any In laboratory experiments, intoxicating drugs are given to animals or they are subjected to operations to see if Parkinsonism can be produced. The detection of fragments of cartilage in the sputum renders the diagnosis certain.

To accomplish the latter the ordinary well-known astringents may be used. As the aorta is to be reached by carrying the finger along the common iliac, the comparative situation of that vessel is next to be estimated (

An abnormal epithelial development, abnormal because unconfined within its normal limits? But why unconfined? An epithelial cell undergoing proper degenerative changes, but arrested at some point short of its complete alteration? What stops its retrograde movement? Is it of mycotic origin? That it should be so would hardly be more strange than that lupus or lepra should be. Eisenberg states that he has found two per cent, to five per cent, solutions of creolin to be powerfully antiseptic; killing almost immediately streptococci, staphylococci, cholera bacilli, and other bacteria.

Hence an external conjugate of seven and a half inches is no guarantee that the pelvis is not contracted. The mode in which the pulse is felt is also of some consequence. It shall be the duty of this Commission to investigate the examine into and report annually to the governor and legislature of this State the condition and management of all the insane in this State, together with such recommendations as they shall think advisable as to the future management of the insane, instructing and enlightening the public as to the causes of insanity and proper means for its prevention; and especially to inquire if the interests of science and the welfare of insane patients would not be promoted by hospitals for the insane being organized on the same principles as other hospitals.

These changes are accompanied by appropriate physical signs of condensed lung, namely, dulness on percussion, impaired respiratory murmur, bronchophony, and vocal fremitus.

In addition, a number of nationally renowned guest lecturers have been invited to participate in the the Minnesota Academy of Pediatrics lecture given Russell D.

Amon usually injected the drug deeply into the muscle and in the immediate vicinity of the affected joints; a bandage with considerable pressure was then applied. It is deposited in masses with or without cysts, or in patches on the surface of membranes. When its seat is the skin, the subjacent cellular tissue is more or less implicated, and the specific character of the inflammation is shown by the lymph which is formed being incapable of organization. Submucous injections of lactic acid, creasote diluted with oil, etc., have also been advocated. This state may be primary or secondary, and results from the irritation produced by undigestible food; but the hyperacidity of the gastric juice cannot be considered as a cause of ectasy. Solomon Solis-Cohen, the chairman of the Sub-Committee on Scope in the Executive Committee of Revision, U. He extracted the child a considerable time after the removal of the placenta.