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The pain is a severe aching, and is often relieved by rubbing and by using the limbs. The pleximeter may be an oval or oblong piece of ivory or vulcanite which is firmly applied to the part of the chest examined, but the left middle finger is generally accepted as the best pleximeter for ordinary clinical work.

Ruth enjovs we will remember blue eyes, a pixie smile and a gay"Hi" for everyone. A decrease in glucose tolerance has been observed in a sig nificant percentage of patients on oral contraceptives. Send CV to Ron McDaniel, EXCELLENT OPPORTUNITY for Board Certified General center, in Los Angeles and Orange counties.

There is, however, a widening of the palpebral fissure. The unstained portions were formerly regarded as spores, but are now looked upon as vacuoles, which may be due to degenerative changes, or may possibly represent an accumulation of reserve material within the bacillus. In the fifth case the patient manifested the same reviews symptoms, but recovered.

SEEDLINGS GROWN UNDER CONDITION OF HIGH AND LOW SOIL MOISTURE. In many of these women the cervix is in a pathological condition, being abnormally thick and resisting, and a state of extreme spasm being present and complicating any manipulation.