"His taste in literature was uniformly bad," remarks the narrator in the next sentence. By these and other means, the average number of days during which the patients have remained in Hospital has fallen in In the cost of Medical appliances there is one item which has in a few years undergone a remarkable change. In other rare instances the rash is so slight and of such short duration as to be almost overlooked. No very manifest improvement taking place in his general health, and the epithelial ulcerations extending, with so m.uch sufferings it was decided that the limb should be removed at the shoulder-joint without any further delay. To this end the new French Codex contains not only the relations which the weights of other countries bear to their own, but also in a sort of appendix some of the principal medicaments prescribed in foreign Pharmacopoeias. The capacity of demonstrating to a certainty disturbances of innervation within the territories of the third, fourth, and sixth cerebral nerves could not fail to affect the diagnostics of intracranial disease, the symptomatology of which in its commencement is often so vague.

It should then be removed surgically, all milder methods being futile. The general symptoms may so far outweigh the local ones that the ear is overlooked in our search for their cause. Spleen occupies the larger part of the left half of the abdomen; no edema or ascites; patient // is verj' anemic; temperature and and sugar negative; sediment of pua-ce'ls and bacteria.

The actual bursting of the folhcle depends upon degenerative changes in the follicular epithelium, which weaken the wall so as to render it unable to resist the pressure of its contained fluid. On admission the diagnosis was rather difficult for the reason that the weather was extremely warm and there was a chance tha' he might have been overcome bv the intense heat on board the boat; but after carefully observing the patient's condition subsequently only one diagnosis could be reached. When it is well in the nose, place the index finger against the cotton plug and withdraw the probe. The matter of stimulation is a very uncertain factor, and, if great stimulation is produced by pungent drugs, In those cases only where there is a tendency to subacute inflammatory attacks with discharge of watery secretion should powders be employed. He had but two weeks to devote to these subjects, and knew nothing of them e.xcept what was gained from his college reviews course six years before. Rotch, where, in accordance with his ideas, milk could be obtained in a pure condition, and of staple composition, and where it could be accurately modified and dispensed. DISTRIBUTION http AND PREVALENCE OF THE DISEASE. Mattsei, in his work, speaks of the great liability of the Romans to sudden death. At times they would fly away with the larvae in their mouths. A portion of the urine continued to discharge by the rectum up // to the time of his arrival in New York, and no attempt had been made to close the opening.


By catarrh of the lung apices.