us first consider the general relations of mutilations to longevity and later the regional In general it may be said that the deprivation of any important pari id' the bodj would make a in ui's chance for longevity less than that of sound, iinmutil.iled persons, but in many instances there might be ameliorating circumstances which would render the subjects of these mutilations appar ently as good lives as most other people of the so far as I know there are no statistics on this suffered a fracture of the skull, with loss of substance of bone, or brain, or both, would not be an average good risk; without loss of substance, and without symptoms, he would be as good a risk as anyone else. In some hysterical patients we occasionally find an obstinate cough, merely produced by nervous disturbance. Daily inxestigations of the veterinarian; by opposition the chemical examination of feces has never l)een carried out in a systematic manner. These can be attributed to respiratory and circulatory difficulties and are most commonly seen about the ears and amount to a passive congestion, whereby the skin becomes dark in color and more or less edematous. The increases under the heads of' Diet,'' Hospital charges,' and' Clothing,' are satisfactory in view of the higher mortality of the year, which might otherwise have been ascribed to undue economy. The pain was stUl very violent, but was much relieved by enemata. The quarterly meeting of this association was held at the meeting was called to order by President Joly, and roll call showed the following members to be present: Drs. Melancholia, occurring at the menopause, is a well-known example of the psychoses observed in women. We expect to begin the publication of the series of Dr. When dry, it is passed two or three times through a Bunsen flame, and then mounted in balsam. This work, whicli constitutes the first division of the second what has been written upon the anatomy of the female generative organs; for its author, Dr Wilhelm Nagel of Berlin, has succeeded in introducing into its pages not a little that is novel both in respect of the subject-matter and of its manner of arrangement. The part healed, but burst again after seven years, and did not again heal. Found to be badly affected with tuberculosis, although it had never shown any evidence of disease and had been tested four times without reaction, the periods elapsing between the tests being ten, six and three months respectively. The buildings now completed the Convalescents' complaints Home at Tuckahoe, Westchester County, N. Xo doubt certain minor advantages might be gained by being able to vary the amount of curvature, but these are small, and bear no relation to the question of axis-traction.

Ihc working of the voluntary notification of McKinley. The discussion of the general be granted an extension of time for discussion was seconded Dr. Microscopically a fibrohyaline change of the tissues just beneath the endothelium is found, leading to thickening reviews of the walls at the expense of the lumen. On section of the tumor its center was found filled with about an ounce of a light fluid that was a trifle blood stained. An undue sensitiveness if they expressed dissatisfaction at a public criticism on their management; but, when assertions honour and chai-acter of the persons engaged in the various departments, an exposure of the deceit and falsehood may be of last week, some severe strictures are made upon the management of this Hospital.

The brachyalgia that occurs in connection with frequent and badly directed use of the small muscles of the forearm is well known, occurring in telegraphers, in writers, in penmen, in typewriters, in piano players, in violin players, etc. Nay, I would go farther, and would say that it should be fostered and encouraged, for in this direction only is healthy growth to be attained. Smith of the BOSTON MEDICAL AND SURGICAL JOURNAL diphtheria and croup, cerebro-spinal meningitis, diarrheal in the thirty-three greater towns of England and Wales, tth-rate was ii.

More cases of hernia were seen in men belonging to the latter than to the former branch of the mill tary service. In many cases the apneumatic patches are symmetrically placed on the corresponding parts of each lung.

The most trivial incidents may give rise to outbursts of anger and even of overwhelming fury. Her appetite was poor, sometimes refusing food entirely. The insufficiency of aortic valves may be congenital, or result still be insufficient, the aorta having undergone more or less dilatation. Company will shortly be registered for the re-establishment amongst us of the ancient Baths of Rome. When, however, acute tuberculosis is attended by, or commences with, a rapid and extensive pneumonic infiltration, the diagnosis may be almost impossible during the early stages of the affection. When the blood comes from the kidney it usually indicates the presence of concretions, and sometimes, but rarely, precedes the development of albuminuria. I need hardly tell you how deeply humiliated I am by this action.