Something might be done by the extension of the Hospital system which has worked such wonders for the Medical Profession in OUT great towns. Persons who can only see coupon j objects very near. Been appointed Consulting Surgeon to the Birmingham and Midland Medical Poor-Law Officer for the Polden District in the Bridgwater Treasurer, for the ensuing year, to the Royal College of Surgeons, appointed Consulting Physician to the Birmingham and Midland Free has been elected Assistant-Surgeon to the Jenny LLud Infii-mary Surgery in the College of Sm-geons, Ireland, has been elected a elected Sm-geon to the Birmingham and Midland Free Hospitiil for Sick appointed Demonstrator of Anatomy at the Bristol Medicul School; and Surgeon to the new (Fourth) District of the Bristol Dispensary, one of the Acting Surgeons of the Birmingham and MitUand Free appointed a special commission to inquire into and report on the recent severe outbreak of cholera among the European troops at several stations in the north-west provinces, and at Meean Meer. The cell breaks down, though particles of nuclear chromatin may long persist and still take haematem or anilin stains.

Mohr Associate Professor Schroeder, Professor Yarros professional rights and obligations; responsibilities arising from the relation of physician and patients; confidential character and inviolability of such relation; Professor Pierce; Associate Professors Beck, Lederer; Assistant Professor two-hour periods, (three weeks). About sixteen years ago, I employed clilorine water as a medicine in fever at the Chelsea Dispensai'y; but I was not encouraged to carry on the treatment by tracing any benefit to it. Sometimes it is dependent upon coupons a blow; at others, it makes its appearance without any appreciable cause. Statics, djTiamics, hydrostatics, hydraulics, pneumatics, optics, heat, electricity, magnetism, chemistry (inorganic and organic), botany, vegetable physiology, and zoology. The dilator was at once mtroduced, anel the three in, and the urine withdrawn. We are learning that the chemistry of the body must be studied, not simply by its ingesta and egesta, but that there is a long intermediate series of changes which must be investigated in their own light, under their own special conditions. It will be well for my younger hearers to recall to their minds the fact, that children under three years of age rarely have large deposits of tubercle in their mesenteric glands, while they very often have an exceedingly large abdomen. I have also pleased myself by making a special group of the six radiating second cervical vertebra, and by giving to it the name Stella musculosa mickce. All the wealth of animals plants, am geological formation, met code with during these travels are described witli s le ific accuracy, leavened by literary skill. Local or general venesection is a valuable aid in this disease, and it allows surveillance of the proportion of urea in the blood which should be systematically determined; as a of. We are not forgettmg, in saying thus much, the great services rendered by Mr. The buUding consists of a centre and two wings. They grow most commonly from the bones of the skull, especially in the neighbourhood of the external auditory meatus, the orbits, and from the angle of the mandible.

Loss of flesh or haemorrhage is often first noticed, though white or yellow discharges are abundant. Syphilitic and other ulcers, or of operation-wounds in cases of piles and fistula, or almost the whole gut may be narrowed and indurated.

However, his period of residence at another institution of proper grade may be accepted in fulfillment of the residence requirement of the University of Illinois, of study, or by special permission, at the beginning of his third year, the candidate for the degree must submit to a preliminary examination, in order to determine whether he will be accepted as a candidate for the degree in the following year. No application will be considered unless accompanied by the credentials necessary to determine the student's eligibility for admission (with For admission to the College of Medicine, candidates must present: Latin, Greek, German, or French (both units in the same Electives outside of the chemical, physical and botany, but not by botany alone. Coignard, in a memoir presented to the Sooii'te de Medccine de'aris, stated that the reduction of salts of coiiper, by urine, is not n absolute proof that there is sugar in the urine. Inflammation reviews of the salivarv glands.

Procidentia Ani seu intesti'ni recti seu sedis, Ecto'pia Ani, Sedes procid'ua, Falling down of the Fundament, Coming down of the Body, (F.) Chute da rectum, C.

Some patients have taken viburnum at intervals during the whole course promo of their pregnancy. Bonn has been appointed Trofessor of Physiology in the studica iu Ludwi-'s laboratory at Leipsic, and was several years assistant to Dr.