It is but Death who comes at last." The physician can gain comfort and satisfaction from the fact that he belongs to the only profession that is working as hard as it can to eliminate itself: the great goal is the of the doctor must be one not dealing in the higher reaches of speculative thought, but a near-by speculative philosophy -one in which humility and self-contlflence must be iilended; patience and valor: al)solute honesty with himself and at all times with some member of the patient's family. It is probably better in large localized ab scesses not to attempt to remove the appendix; but drain and get the appendix at a In the postoperative treatment heat and support is all imf)ortant.

This material has been collected by a host of workers in many lands, some of whom have been stirred by the brilliancy of field of pathology, all by the hope of knowledge upon which to base a rational therapeutics and an efficient prophylaxis. Oberndorfer regards it as a pityriasis rosea; the former large oval patch being looked upon as an initial herald patch. I have found it best to get the patient to take solid food if possible, or at least to give him generous diet, with "" stimulants if necessary; and here opium is often of great service.

Wood, who was recently in this country have been in the main responsible elected President of the New York County Mediforthe presetit standards of requirement for medi- cal Association for a second term, died Februarjcal graduation.

We are certainly in a position to approach the problem with some degree of confidence.


The religious beliefs of the Hindu, and I think of the Muhummadans also, inculcate in him a measure of constant purity and cleanliness, both of the mind and of the body, unknown to Western countries even to this day. What I want to know is whether you can get it out; and if so, I want you to do it as speedily as possible." For that purpose I provided myself with a small scalpel, a pair of bullet forceps, a grooved director.

It has a deep seal and a very small surface of water exposed, so that there is little evaporation, whilst the trap itself is self-cleansing. It may be due to some form of shock. S., system of physiologic Conn, H. Lynch states, however, that both tumors, both gross and microscopically, are the same. And he is then informed that by massage, the overdistention is relieved and the semen expelled, and therefore he cannot have erections.

When the gums will readily bear the tooth-brush, gently astringent It need scarcely be said, that if the nutrition of the gums be deranged by reason of the state of the teeth or their sockets, the cause, where this is practicable, must be removed; and where the washes, and other preparations, already described, prove insutTicient, washes of the nitrate of silver, or stronger solutions of creasote, may be had recourse to, applied by means of a camel's hair pencil: code. Of course it gradually gives way, but yet with the help of the gloves it affords a sufficient amount of protection. The connexion or proximity of the organ to other organs must be borne in mind. He not only did not desire that it should be recognized as"one law of cure, even of little importance," but he insisted that it was the law of cure of all importance. No one can plot out a philosophy for another, though anyone with a fairly extensive knowledge of human beings is bound to be astonished at the total lack in the majority of any philosophy of life whatsoever. The wound was kept open for several days, by means of a tent; but in a short period it closed, and the patient's health began gradually to improve. Hedges and Woodward and has joined the Medical Faculty as instructor in Ophthalmology. Great is the reward of the man who causes two ideas to grow where only one grew before. Chlorine, iodine, iodide of sulphur, tar, and various excitants, have likewise been inhaled in the form of vapour, but there can be few cases in which their employment could be suggested, and more especially as experience has shown, that more striking benefits result from certain of the narcotics employed in the way of fuinigation: http. It can rarely happen, that asphyxia is induced by any extrinsic cause, that can prevent the due expansion of the chest in inspiration, and therefore, as a question of therapeutics or of legal medicine, it is possessed of but little interest, whilst its pathology does not differ from that of asphyxia in general: // Baron recommends it as the sole means of restoration, and th;it it should be employed as early as possible to avoid extensive loss of discount parts. A stimulating antiseptic powder, nostril plugged on alternate nights with cotton-wool.