B., passed assistant su geon, granted leave of absence f( to proceed from New Orleans La,, to Memphis, Tenn., for temporary duty Greene, J. I have already mentioned the opinion of a brother officer of large experience in the North-Western. What we want is something cheap and efficient, and something of this kind can be found in Suppose you have a fracture of rhe leg, and you are ten miles in the country without splints, and no boards to make any.


These bodies are distinct from the granular elements present in hairs, and are neither oily particles nor crystals.

Solutions of chromic acids are very powerful disinfectants and deoderizers, even when quite dilute; but like those of permanganate of potassium thej' discolor everything so badly as to obstruct and limit their use to cases wherein other means fail. Even in Jenner's time there were those who doubted life-long immunity, some of them putting the time as low as three years. The atomizing tubes are so constructed as to throw a spray at all points.

The rupture of the abscesses leaves fistulae which sometimes persist for a long time discharging an oily or gummy fluid, at other times healing rapidly. Proliferation of the endoneurium and of the nerve sheaths was also evident. De Vandi, qui n'y avoit riul credit, et pour qui les soldats no voulurent point combattre faute d'argent. He was an adept in the art which he practiced and he often reached, by some subtle sense, conclusions as profound and as true as could be reached after the most searching scientific examination by the modern"group" doctors: // They thus rapidly become"wet salted," by which the danger of dust is done away with.

But is he well nourished? How can he be well nourished with a nervous system so erratic and unstable that the slightest influence, a casual glance even, is sufficient so to disturb the vaso-motor equilibrium as to cause a general nervous disturbance, as manifested in the flushed face, perspiring hands, even dizziness and perverted vision. A striking increase in the number of cases of inflammation of the middle ear during the epidemic still further fixes the respiratory tract as the place of election for influenza.

This must be considered a failure in all cases in which the vaccine lesion is involved early, or where its course is altered. Beneke has reached the following conclusions, which have been published in a recent circular of the War period the relation begins to be reversed, and absolutely smaller in the female than in the male, but relatively to the length of the body there is scarcely any difference between the circumference of the arteries in the two sexes, while the heart in females is absolutely as adult males the volume of the lungs is greater than that of the liver; in adult females the the size of the heart occurs at the age of cases associated with a large and powerful heart and capacious arteries, but a relatively small pulmonary artery, small lungs, well developed bones and muscles, and tolerably the heart is generally large and well developed; the arteries are also large. He insisted that uterine fibroids had a trivial mortality compared with ovarian tumours in the times when both were left alone, or tapping only of the latter was undertaken.

Thomas, and passing the sutures completely beneath the laceration. - it seemed certain that further delay would only expose him to more suffering and to the risk of further operation of perinseal section was performed. When bleeding takes place from a vessel on the side of a large cavity it may be fatal and hemoptysis slight or absent.

These, however, soon disintegrate and stain the skin, as in tattooing.

Closer scrutiny however, quickly convinces one that secondary factors account for the multiplicity "" of ways in which allergy may be manifested and that basically, there is a unity of causation that is quite clear and logical. This ulceration persists, and from it quantities of bacilli continue to escape. It is right to say that nature ought to be left to amputate in younjr persons; but it, is different, in senile gangrene. Rigors of a the exudate is slightly or markedly purulent. Reeves Jackson moved that the report his suggestion further consideration of the subject was referred to the next meeting, the resolutions at the same time being recommitted. - lastly, under antisepsis, large lying-in hospitals answer better than smaller institutions.