The village horseback, assisted by uninjured comrades, others on stretchers, but in a steady stream one after another.

Again, it is constantly used alone or combined wilh sulphuric acid in menorrhagia, metrorrhagia, and with more or less success. Chronic gout is the deposition in the joints of what are called"chalk-stones," the bi-urate of sodium, which grows out in under or through the skin, so that there is a tradition of a gentleman who could write his name on the blackboard with the chalk in his fingers. And, further, That this Board tender their deep and heartfelt sympathy to the bereaved family of their late beloved Chairman, so suddenly plunged into the very depths of sorrow by the unexpected loss of a devoted husband and father, with the earnest prayer that He who was" a Man of sorrows and acquainted with grief" may sustain them in this their hour of affliction. Our recommendation is to further continue the voluntary assumption of these responsibilities. As to the ntunber of persons to be tagged, this should be decided on a ten per cent basis, as determined by the terms of the problem for the day. Other cases were quoted in support of the view put forward.

The alveolar spaces may be apparently empty or may contain granular material, staining green. Experimental evidence that potassium iodide favours the elimination of lead is, so far as I have been able to ascertain, solely founded on chemical observations of the urine; the faeces were neglected. There is one point in the history of this case that I have had some light on since the operation, which clears up the etiology of it You remember that I told you there was no history of gonorrhoea in the case, and yet I found an abscess of the tube and ovary, which, according to my belief, was gonorrhoeal in origin, as it was not tuberculous. Stowell Rogers, this sentence appeared:"Mr. The lesions in the skin vary in their nature: Sometimes merely may in large doses cause profound intoxication. The favorable situation as regards beriberi, which we have reported from time to time, has continued during the last quarter.

During the small epidemic at Fort Mills there were two cases of continued fever, suggestive of typhoid, in such persons. "We do not now see the modified form of small-pox, resulting from inoculation, in which by the seventh or eighth day a pustule forms at the seat of inoculation; after this general fever sets in, and with it, about the eleventh day, appears a general eruption, usually limited in degree. After three months it was found that something like cent could be made fit for work'in some capacity in the Army. Ordinary medical doses are one fourth of a grain or less. Some light food should be always taken by those who attend the early morning practice of lacrosse, or who take part in other sports at the same hour. Jordan Lloyd in the British Medical months previously he had an attack of colic with pain in the right side of the abdomen. There was no ambulance corps whatever. But this meeting had a good effect Some of the members, recognizing the need of revivifying infiuences, set forces to bring this about Modifications in the constitution were effected. Dealing next with his investigations on cholera bacilli, Hueppe recommends the following method of obtaining the bacilli as the shortest. The best way to stop Ueeding is by the application of gauze and pressure. Causation and pathology of the specific infective diseases affecting man and common to man and the lower animals. Upon feeling a baby's muscles, for instance, the abdominal muscles, we feel there is some resistance, Nutritional disturbances may cause changes in living muscles. Sheridan Delepine divided aniline dyes into two classes; acid fuchsin may be taken as a type of the first, basic fuchsin of the second. The number of cases developing has no relation to the number of carriers or hosts ( Thierfelder's part in the present edition comes in.

Abscess of the liver may also be due to appendicitis or Those persons who associate very widely with sheep and sheep dogs, such as the inhabitants of Iceland, Australia, and Greece, are often afflicted with another disease of the liver, hydatid, a parasite which they get A LAYMAN'S HANDBOOK OF MEDICINE from the sheep or the sheep dogs, and which formG enormous bladder-like cysts in the liver.

From sugar was constantly present in the urine in amounts varying March, when she again became sugar free. Prendent and Members of the Association of Military Surgeons of I have the honor to suhmit the following report for the period since our last annual meeting to date. His duties in camp have been in connection with the trained enlisted men, teaching new men, and recommending means Enlisted men have been trained at the foot camp to act as company non-commissioned foot officers and regimental chiropodists.