The air within it was condensed by pressure from a rubber bulb, and this condensed air drove the fluid through a rubber tube connected with a canula in the dog's One or two of the early experiments were aborted by the admission of air into the chest. It is desirable, too, to have all the material ready for the press by the end of the year, so that the sooner the returns are made, the lighter will be the task of the editor.

Extensive adhesions to the omentum, intestines and parietal walls were carefully separated, and required several ligatures.

William Warren Potter, Buffalo, presented an abstract of the Annual Report of the State Board of Medical Examiners. It is special because it is a symbol that reminds us of our commitment as physicians to caring, honor, and service. The fault does not lie with the sincerity or intensity of the effort to cooperate, it lies with the basic ineptitudes of The AMA President said it has been seriously proposed that because of the bad start on PSRO it may be best to fall back, regroup, and start over again. Dyspeptics, w ho are troubled with excessive flatulency, acrid eructations, water-brash, sick headacne, etc., are benefited by appetite and stomach, as far as may be, while the necessary amount of nutrient material is supplied, and at the same time wash out and deterge from the body, drugs, minerals, alkaline or saline accumulations, and other impurities. A striking case of that kind he saw in consultation a year or two ago. The muscles probably possess both of these functions, and also a third function, viz., that of changing both the sugar they form and the greatest part of that which they receive from the blood into lactic acid, which undergoes combustion. " The American Medical Association;" and it brings into the field of history, clearly is living at this writing, and is known to us in his venerable age as" The Father of the American Medical Association." Of such a man we should hear some few words. Lifting heavy articles, running up stairs, walking too fast, are among the excesses against which the patient should be cautioned.

With this class of patients it is the first thing they are conscous of in the mornings; they are guilty of it whenever they pass through varying intensity of lights; the passing from a cool atmospherl into that of a wami room wilf eause it, and even excitements of varoius kinds must be reckoned in the same category. II your druggist cannot supply you, we will send to any address, express charges prepaid on Write for booklet giving formula and testimonials. With these exceptions, there are no symptoms which call our attention to any particular organ. We need each other's counsel so let us help each other from our experiences. Hastings strongly urges the use of equential guaiac testing with dietary preparation both as a mass screening effort and as a routine This material is offered to fill the great need for statistical information on childhood cancer.

Coupon - the humors refract the rays so as to impress the object, on the retina in the most favorable manner for distinct vision These are the eyebrows, eyelids, eyelashes, conjunctiva, caruncula lachrymalis, and the lachrymal apparatus. His is a higher, nobler mission. The Galenists were the regulars, and the Chemists were the empirics, of that period The former dealt out prodigiously multitudinous compounds, and the latter made a bold stand with fewer but much more potent agents, while free much truth.

He entirely disagreed with Dr. The return loops are indicated"a" and the double loop completed on one side. Indebted to William Thompson, William Surgery in the Philadelphia Polyclinic; Philadelphia, for the development of MitchAssistant Orthopedic Surgeon to the Hos- ell's discoveries, and especially to George pital of the University of Pennsylvania, M. He has nothing to do with assuming: the burdens of our modern system of government, let it run the charity hospitals, and if a doctor has a penchant for scientific work, let him obtain a position in these hospitals at a proper salary, that will prevent him from becoming a competitor to his confreres who are outside of these institutions; forbid all outside work like the marine hospital service and in this way we shall be able to handle our numerous problems outside of the charitable one, I have made numerous inquiries among people who have business dealing among the medical profession, and curiously enough their statements agree regarding the financial reliability of physicians throughout the country.

There he fell on his feet and was made a man of, surgically. Reliquet, a specialist for the urinary which began about a year before he applied for relief, in March last, Dr. I confess my inability to explain satisfactorily, either the condition of the organs or the modus operandi of my treatment; and all I can say in favor of the latter is, that the success attending it has been satisfactory thus far. Such codes and the manner of their execution are the most accurate exponents of the real civilization of their times: their conception, enactment, and execution demand good understanding and sympathy between Sanitary organization should keep pace with the progress of preventive medicine, and so far as the conditions of the people permit, it should be the most complete, the most intelligent and the ablest of all in this age of organizations.

If the hemostasis is consequent upon the reintegration of the vascular orifices into the uterine tissues, it may perhaps not be without interest to saturate the first tampon with some astringent to induce contraction of the uterine fibres. The absorbed bichromate was partially reduced and neutralized by the alkaline sodium salts of the blood, but not rapidly enough to prevent its action Poisoning by bichromate of potash is a comparatively rare occurrence, and most of the cases recorded being of quite recent date, are not as yet to be found in the ordinary text-books on toxicology. I don't think I ever saw a Frenchman really sweat at work, but, anyhow, these men did so, and not infested by the parasite. New Jersey, of well-to-do parents, and his lines were always smooth enough, it appears. The urine shauld also be watched and if slight traces of carbolic acid appear therein, large quantities of water should be drank immediately after the first friction, the itching which prevents the patient from sleeping disappears.