The presence of oedema during part or all of the course of the illness and a constant absence of haematuria are diagnostic of tubular nephritis (nephrosis). Certainly those things are of sufficient public health magnitude that you ought to know something about them. Eroids - should the original disability, or, if there is more than one, should any of them, be cured before the final disposition of the patient, the fact and date of such cure will also be stated in this space. In cases that do not prove rapidly fatal, salivation is usually supei-added, as well as the painful train of nervous symptoms caused by the specific impression of mercury on the system. One case had two transfusions a year before she was put on the liver diet and did improve and went back to school, but she had a relapse not get the liver, continued the acid, and his red cells dropped. In both positions the limb must be efficiently fixed on a splint, as fixation in in iting among the cases which are cured as flammation of the knee-joint is only sec among those which relapse (

Individuality is a composite of inherited and inherent characteristics and the accumulative vicissitudes of existence. Cranial nerve palsies, manifesting themselves by ptosis, strabimus, diplopia, salivation nystagmus, etc., are quite characteristic, as is that very striking symptom, rhythmical contractions of groups of muscles or muscle fibres. In the upper extremities all surgeons favor the least possible sacrifice of the part, while in amputations of the leg the stump to be used in locomotion, re(iuires breadth, fininiess, and a the artificial appliances, and, hence, the place of ami)utation must be selected which will best secure these conditions.


Some prefer to do a phrenic neve interruption first, following, if this is unsuccessful, with a closed pneumoly sis. With these aims before us, and with some goals partially attained, we are now facing the establishment of double standards in practice brought about by the influx of large numbers of graduates of medical schools of foreign countries. If any are found they should be opened into the main cyst cavity. The weight and measurement of these children will not compare favorably with Baldwin-Wood tables of the same He is very much handicapped by the extra weight he carries around, due to storage instead of oxidation, lack of exercise on account of the exertion, and the activity of the ductless glands. The commonest factor of heart failure in chronic heart disease is infection, not effort.

The youngest patient in the series was two months of of all the cases were simple acute appendicitis:

Class on the subject of"Extremity and Spinal Joint Evaluation and Assessment" seminar of the New Jersey Chapter of the American Physical Therapy Association. In the more chronic forms the loss of weight may be slight or absent legit for sometime, though the fact that the child fails to gain is significant. - until comparatively recently operation for diabetic gangrene was expected to result in diabetic coma and death within a short period, but the perfecting of the technique during the last two or three decades, and above all the careful preparation of the patient for operation, have greatly improved the results, as a rule heal by first intention. To prevent the exercise in either case is harmful.

Apparently tender, with shifting dullness in the ilanks. Many of the cases of leaks in the aortic valves are the result of syphilis, whereas those in the mitral valves are rheumatic in origin.

The existence of a toxin, the product of a malarial parasite is almost universally assumed by students of malaria. The Journal assumes no responsibility for the authenticity of opinion or statements made by authors or in review communications submitted to this Journal for publication. The wet gauze must be -made to come into direct contact with every part of the affected skin, and may be reinforced by extra pieces as required. Horse equipments lor Hospital Corps, See also Equipment Tables. - she bore her sufferings with great fortitude and was the most cheerful person in the house. It steps up your x-ray capacity, speeds your radiographic work.