The internal use of opium in some form may be necessary to relieve the intense pain which often accompanies the onset of the stage of excitement, when the suffering in the spermatic cords, testes, and generally in the lumbar regions is sometimes so intense, combined with the depression caused by nausea and retching, as almost to prostrate the patient from The local application of iodine or some of its preparations, by inunction or otherwise, of such forms as the iodide of lead or the biniodide of mercury, have been thought to be useful; but as they are generally applied in conjunction with pressure when the patient is kept in a recumbent posture, the benefit is probably quite as much, if not more, due to the mechanical action of posture and pressure, as to drugs. The potentially epileptic child should have less insistent demands placed upon him and for shorter periods of time than other children. In the elderly the association of podagra, flat foot, and varices may be looked on as more or less a coincidence. Without going into gi'eat detail, it may be said that Raynaud and symmetrical gangrene of the extremities which he described to a spasmodic contraction of capillary vessels. This, though not so logically arranged as might be desirable, is still a creditable performance. Let the mind be constantly diverted from himself toward some interesting occupation. It rested on the abdominal wall slightly above the symphysis pubis. His health, however, seems never review to have been strong, effects of which he died two years afterwards at the age Dr.

Many of them must be scattered over the world, but it is hoped they will send their present addresses, as it is also intended to prepare a chronological list of these officers. It is partially soinble in alcohol, the potash only being taken up, and when slaked by water on the addition of an acid gives off no carbonic acid. Painful legit crises are here again present and the swelhng increases in size with each successive attack. There is greater pain, considerable fever, and occasional rigors; a tendency of the abscess to point, and it is stated by one observer that the area of dulness may alter in shape on alteration of the position of the area of dulness is characteristic in shape, viz., triangular, with the base downwards. Hans Zinsser said that he was naturally very much interested in the immunological aspect of the subject, and while listening to the paper, a number of points had suggested themselves to him for future discussion. The diagnosis of cirrhosis originating in tubercle depends entirely upon a knowledge of the condition of the patient before the disease ended in cirrhosis: there are no means by which tubercular cirrhosis can be distinguished during life from other adhesion, cannot be attributed to any of the fore-named conditions.

In short, to forbid indulgence is much the same thing as suggesting it. Another point of differentiation was the almost invariable involvement of the kidneys in a baterial inflammation in the viridans infection and its absence in the influenzal infection of the cardiac valves. It is pulverized and administered in a little water. The peritoneal coat of the uterus is forming a welt over the deep suture line. The less they interfered in these cases the less likely were the patients to get parametria! complications.

Latter area, are large groups of cells, The calcareous plate under the following an alveolar arrangement and microscope showed a true bone reticu- differing from the rest of the section lum infiltrated with the eosinophilic by the deep staining properties of the cells comprising the tumor mass.