The contraction is not absent during sleep or under an anaesthetic. At the post mortem a hard mass of muscular tissue was found at the pylorus, and, while the canal admitted a probe under pressure, it was absolutely tight to fluid. Of this excellent paper relating to experiments extending over a series of years, and which have not been without results.

It is a disease that involves to the patient himself, his family, and the community at large a wider range of interests than any other known disorder. Nash, in reply, said he could not give any definite microscopical proof that the condition was tuberculous. On examining the abaomen a lump was observed on the right side just below the ribs and beneath the outer half of the rectus muscle. I have been engaged as an unqualified assistant for fifteen years, during which time I have acquired a vast amount of practical experience in medicine, surgery, and midwifery, and have received able instruction in all these branches from my employers, and in addition to this instruction in private practice, I have the run of the practice in a small hospital, and receive valuable teaching from its stafi" of physicians and only a few hours old), and I would ask how I am to obtain daily food for these dear little ones of mine if the only means of which I am possessed of getting a living is taken frnru me? My case is like unto many others. I assistants, and that those who satisfy at that examination be allowed to continue as unqualified assistant.s, and to register as such, and that other unqualified men be excluded from entering the profession sub.sequently to the last period fixed for the examination, and registration of assistants.

He was using a hard tube and filters for most cases; a hightension rotary transformer was not as good on a hard tube as was a coil. A comparatively rapid increase in height commenced, and the previously delayed second dentition began to appear. During the last winter, indeed, his health was so good that he was obliged to absent himself from his class only This is neither the time nor the place to present a biography of the lamented deceased. Tanner arc rather better than we generally find them; and, although they lay do claim to originality, it is easy to see that the author is thoroughly conversant with the subjects he discusses. In such cases the liability to false conclusions is often heightened by the mutual interaction of the agents employed. It will be returned to the student at the close of each year, minus the cost of articles assigned to him, which are not returned in good condition, or of damage to college property for which he is individually responsible If responsibility for such damage cannot be individually fixed, a pro rata charge upon all students will be made. Bolton liad stated the case fairly, and given the matter attention without saying too much.

As has been mentioned, relative tricuspid insufiieiency not rarely develops in association with mitral disease.

Assistant Professor Harding The preparation of inorganic salts, supplemented by Bender's A thorough quiz in inorganic chemistry. Entirely excluded, added that he felt little doubt that it was really the condition named, but he would have the Wassermann reaction tried. The text will be found at once concise and comprehensive, but additions and annotations have been made where it seemed they might be serviceable. The extremity of the gut being satisfactorily recognized, an incision was made into it, and a grooved director pushed into the gut (

On capillary embolism of the brain and spinal cord, experimentally studied; its relations to the various forms of chorea, by Dr.

Suture a distance in nerve tissue has recently been adopted after the ablation of a neuroma; also in cases where a portion of a nerve has been destroyed by being impacted in a new formation; likewise when nerves are imprisoned in a callus, and in secondary nerve sutures in which direct re-union is impossible. This prescription is all right. Besides the general library of the University, there are several special libraries, consisting mainly of books of reference and current periodicals relating to technical subjects in connection with the several departments of engineering, biology, and botany. There are other cases stiU more remarkable, the facts of which may well lead us to believe that the organ of speech, if not originally and congenitally wanting, has been at any rate from the beginning so imperfect as to be useless ( Warren, the carotid was divided and tied: This patient had a stone in his ureter with a sac of pus behind it, yet he had very little pus in his m'ine.