On the one hand it may occur in young persons, and on the other hand it may be absent in extreme old age. Treatment consisted of tonic doses of nux vomica of the two drugs from which it is derived; it is sedative, hypnotic, and narcotic. These symptoms are attended with tremulous shivering of the body, gastric oppression and nausea, and often with headache and spinal and muscular pains. I removed them by cutting down upon the ureter through the roof of the vagina. The enlargement did not increase, as I from time to time proved by repeated measurements. The colour of the stools may be high if the faices be quickly swept through the intestinal canal, because there has been no time for the bilepigment to be absorbed into the blood. Should one spot or particular portion of the belly be more painful and tender than another, there the leeches should be placed. Before death there are fwellings about the throat, and alfo of the tongue in fome cafes.

Better trust to the Embrocation entirely than poultice or foment indifferently.

There is excess fat in the the fat-splitting enzymes, but to faulty absorption in the upper Anemia, especially in the later stages, is one of the characteristics of the disease. He has found one mode only perfectly satisfactory, and that is a wellfitting waist and the stocking straps attached to the lower border Dr. Sir William Watson describes an instance, in which the scars left by the pustules were visible upon an infant at its birth. This accomplishes the desired result and does not pain the eye. After these last cathartics, the bilious stools will appear, and by the forty-fourth or forty-fifth hour the castor oil is given. His father is Abram Volkenheim and is retired from business.

The former treatment is essentially palliative, and directed exclusively to the urgent symptoms then existing: the latter aims at being founded, in a wider sense, upon the diagnosis and prognosis of the individual case, after a complete examination into the state of all the Heberden's views of treatment were limited to the first indication the control of the paroxysm ( In three hours after the application the patient was attacked with exceedingly painful efforts to micturate, which were at times intense.

Jadelot distinctly admits his confounding with hydrocephalus cases"which do not show anything else, on opening the body, besides this disproportion between the brain and the cranium." Laennec says"its symptoms are very analogous to those of hydrocephalus." Solly gives cases from Scoutetten and Dance exceedingly similar. The diagnosis presents no difficulties if careful examination of the chest and of the sputum be made. In the second supposed subject, malaria, the remote cause, will excite periodical fever; but this may assume an intermittent or remittent type, and be modified into the congestive, or common, or inflammatory form, according to some special condition, which would deserve to be regarded as the proximate cause of the subsequent definite effects. I laid bare the femoral artery of a dog, about two inches below Poupart's ligament, for about till the haemorrhage from the vafa vaforum was confiderable,and the circulating blood was diftindtly feen through the internal membrane of the artery. Every effort should be made to avoid friction. Dysentery occurs chiefly in the autumn, and is often occasioned t tions and vapours; hence it appears often in armies encamped in" the neighbourhood of low marshy grounds, spreads rapidly and proves highly destructive, particularly when the sick are crowded together, and there is a neglect of cleanliness and due ventilation.

Powdered Gum Arabic Half an Ounce. Yomiting and "" diarrhoea are common.