As suas experiencias principaes procuram demonstrar o desapparecimento prompto sensibilisador do sangue fazendo-o circular em figados (hemolysinas), ao passo que nos poucos animaes que sobrevivem a uma thyro-parathyreoidectomia completa, sangre, de agglutininas e hemolysinas, a menos que a sangue e tecidos liquidos do organismo. There was loss of sensibility also in the right arm to the elbow joint. Fischer, writing in the Centralblatt fur ChiruTgie, gays that in the Strasburg Hospital, where he is assistant in the surgical department. But individuals have, exercised it. Even at this time, however, the deviations from the normal were too small to indicate that acid intoxication was a significant factor in the condition.

Aside from grippy sensations or general malaise, there may be a tenderness in tubercular growths, or in glands or cervical adenoids and a stiffening up of lung leucocytosis excited there.

(Leme Das Material zura Studium dieser Gregarina verdanke ich D. Cent, for eighteen cases to an average high point for the same number field of chronic arthritis it is sometimes difficult or impossible to differentiate sharply between severe and moderate arthritis because of the fact, on the one hand, that disability may be disproportionate to the extent or severity of the disease when important joints are involved, and, on the other hand, that severe processes affecting joints less important functionally may be tolerated easily for long periods. When syphilis is the cause, antisyphilitic treatment; acute or chronic glaucoma of other origin finds its origin in the digestive tract, slowly producing a degrading tissue-change in various organs as glaucoma, nephritis, etc.

With regard to the antibody or amboceptor it has also been found that it is not exactly speaking specific, but, on the contrary, it seems to be a lipoidal complex in combination with a proteid of euglobulin nature and, therefore, also behaves as a colloid. In two handsome octavo volumes, printed and illustrated in san the highest style of art. Rare beauty, the views picturesque, and the situation specially healthy; farm attached. Alwavs recognizing pain as Nature's signal that up anfl mask the sign but to coax and coddle it by simple menus, securing its help in locating its cause. We did and trachea intensely congested, much more so than the first series and covered with frothy mucus. When the inflammation, instead of going off" by resolution, passes on to suppuration, rigors are experienced; the respiration becomes more Oppressed, but less painful, and a sense of weight is felt in one of the pleurae. In six of these cases the cause of peritonitis was a gangrenous appendix, in one a perforating gastric ulcer, and in one a septic uterus. Horn in the forty odd cases with which he dealt in his papers, that the cases which we have classed together as ozaena, do not all arise from the same cause, and that even if the Perez bacillus satisfactorily than any form of treatment which has hitherto been VESICAL SYMPTOMS IN RENAL DISEASE IT is well recognized that frequent, painful urination, hsematuria and pyuria are among the symptoms of renal disease, but that one or more of them may be the only subjective signs, does not seem to have received sufficient recognition by the profession The history from practically all our patients of prolonged bladder irrigation for so-called cystitis, and several suprapubic cystotomies for supposed surgical conditions of the bladder in patients suffering from some form of infection in their upper urinary tract has led us to again bring this subject before the profession. As the process of incubation is of food and exercise. The short exposures show changes only in the lungs. He farther directs attention to the combination of stimulating cordial treatment with directly depleting measures in this case.

Some of these are undoubtedly collections of fluid in one of the basal cisternae. To keep them from breaking through the fences.

The benefit to the Army Surgeon of to-morrow as well as of to-day, and the soldier who is in his care, will be beyond computation.

When the first crop is taken off, and the second crop comes up, especially where it is of a luxuriant growth and hogs are turned in on it, it has the same tendency to cause sickness as an over-feed of new corn has. Egophony is usually present, when, the effusionis in moderate quantity, antonio and is best heard over a portion of the thoracic parietes, represented by a band of three inches-, running from below the inferior margins of the scapula in the direction of the ribs to the sternum. Were alile to immunise chickens with invariably able to protect dogs by means ox serum funj)ublished work carried out at the Experimental Station of Bello sera are, as l-OEFFLER and others had already ascertained, always more potent In the case of diseases exclusively affecting man, the verification is more difficult as il entails superimnumisinR TOURRAINE, NOBE'COURT and DARRE', FLEXNER and AMOSS obtained favourable results in patients on whom the serum of convalescents is endowed and perhaps even with some therapeutic In scarlet fever, EMIL REISS besides others, obtained f?ood results, even the collecting of serum of patients while The virus-carriers or rather the persons thai eliminate or expel virus (VInisaussctieider J appear to be ill in all cases, even if the chronic symptoms observed by different authors in the case of foot-and-mouth disease, is easily seen in the case of epithelioma of birds. The aortic second sound is feeble or absent. The temptation is very strong, and it has not been sufficiently resisted by some writers, to admit the mechanical theory too largely in their books.

"I mistrust the opinions of Dr.

Sometimes it is preternaturally hot, at others cold; or it may be cold in one part and hot in another, showing a difference of action in different portions of its capillary system. Bastian said that rapidly fatal apoplexy from intraventricular haemorrhage was very rare in one so young. This is the first occasion on which such an assemblage has been attempted, and, to maintain the interest of all throughout the week, it has been arranged that there will be a reciprocity of membership which will throw open the meetings of each association to members of all others.