Walter Lester Carr Secretary, of this Section. It cannot be depended upon to contract the pupil and lower the tension in every case of acute glaucoma, but it would appear on "reviews" cccasion to be a very useful adjunct to eserin. The denture was passed per niium on tlie fourth day, having given no trouble in its passage through the alimentary canal. Care should especially be exercised at the brow and the rear of the head and at the commissures (proram et pupim et commissuras), since at these points the dura mater is likely to be adherent.

I am quite weU, and I thought I would come and show myself to jou.' I examined him with great interest, and found every sign of disease had diaappeared, except that there was a slight flattening under the thought, as I waste die, I might as well enjoymyself while I lasted, four?''Aye, and more than that; I seldom went to bed under stand up to my hips in the Shannon for four or five hours of a winter's day following the birds.'" Magnus Huss, and other writers following him, seemed to prove that almost all the diseases to which humanity is exposed were either caused or increased by the abuse of alcohol, and rabid teetotallers have improved upon this by substituting use for abuse. It is done by making a long oblique flap of sclera with a Liaefe knife and then, with curved scissors, cuttting off part of the flap.

In regard to the spreading of the disease, it seems most probable that in covering a large distance, such as across an ocean, it would be much more liable to be carried by travellers, baggage, or mail, in other words, direct transportation, than by actual currents. As in all surgery about the nose, there occurred at times more than an ordinary amount of shock. The President of the Medical Society of New Jersey, Journal, Dr.

Asafcetida is recommended by Italian obstetricians, and is usually administered in pills containing one and a-half grains, though an enema containing the tincture is preferred in cases of threatened abortion. He describes the enlargement of the veins that follows, the actual varicosities, and the dusky or livid redness of the parts which seem to be soft, but are really very hard. The supply of serum even in Germany and France is very limited, and it is only with great difficulty that any samples are obtained in the United States.

The j)hjsician who lives in a small town or village usually meets with his cases of eclampsia after the occurrence of one or more convulsions and is generally compelled to look after his patient unaided, as it frequently happens medical aid is not readily available. First mentioned in the writings of Spanish and Portuguese priests, part in the Brazilian Pharmacopoeia, had it not been very difficult to procure; yet all the native practitioners sell it, but at a very high price.

Wood;"Abortion and Infanticide," by J. In fact, we may say which begins within five minutes of the taking of the food and is determined by the reflex nervous mechanism described above; the presence of food in the stomach. Clinical work in the new Million-Dollar Public Hospital. The perichondria! layer is essential to the new septum.

It is often said that at this time surgery was mainly in the hands of barbers and the ignorant.

We recommend the methods employed by the Bureau of Legal Medicine and Legislation and urge close cooperation of the various state legislative committees with this bureau. Chenu writes thus regarding this branch of the American"The entire control and administration of hospitals was confided to the medical department, and with such good results that never before in war had the mortality among the wounded been so small, never had hospital wards been so little crowded.