Those causes showing material increases were typhoid fever, diarrheal diseases, organic heart disease, pulmonary tuberculosis, Bright's disease, and deaths from violence. AVe learn to read and write long after we learn to understand spoken language and to speak, and long after we have become (whether this is the result of heredity, of congenital peculiarity, or of acquired habit) right-handed or left-handed. To whether both kidneys are diseased or only one, and in that case which is the affected organ, cannot be determined with certainty by the symptoms alone. Is it too much to hope that in such fields many of our problems may ultimately find solution? In the meantime, in this country at least, workers one the search for some microorganism of etiological significance, the other an attempt to disentangle the complex threads of a nutritional maze. These experiments were performed upon cats and rabbits, and comparatively large doses were given. Following are the American surgeons who will sail on of Baltimore, and Dr. However, the Attorney option in his bill. Again, a typical uremic convulsion may occur while the total urea is practically normal. Simple spongings with cold water, or with tepid water, alone or medicated with some volatile substance, used for even the mildest cases, being both cleanly and grateful; but the deprecation refers to the indiscriminate use of antipyretic doses of quinia, and other active agents, which have a prejudicial, as well as beneficial possibility.

In this branch of knowledge we have been outpaced by all other countries, including Great Britain, for we cannot recall that we have ever come across so complete a guide to our own springs and watering places. Only by feeling did I know that he had left, for it was impossible for me to turn my head without danger of being seen by the sentinel, while my assistant lay on the other side of me and a little in the shadow. Natural disasters are sub-classified by the type of event: weather (hurricanes, The first disaster studies were in response to war (man-made intended disasters).

The secretion of saliva is diminished.

The results of these investigations would Fox and Rucker may have discovered merely emphasize the necessity of search ing all drinking water very carefully for the colon bacillus. Also, the evaluation of personality traits of the prospective operator should receive greater emphasis than his age, formal education, severity of the physical disability, and location. Under the circumstances, I considered I cut the man, and in so doing opened an abscess in the prostate, evacuating about an ounce of pus. At the same time, nothing calculated to impress the mind with the great importance of the affective life as Bergson's description of the mutually interacting forces of intelligence and instinct, and only the naive intelligence that approached mental problems from the standpoint of Topsy in Uncle Tom's Cabin, could fail to be impressed with the tremendous complexity of the psychical reactions, and to realize that the heretofore utilized methods for their study had been inefficient and superficial. A few of the States have succeeded in securing the passage of laws regulating the practice of medicine within their borders. There is no such thing as a natural chastity; the self-control of the young girl is the product of moral heredity and early education in prudence. One grain of that salt will dissolve readily in six minims of equal parts of the purest glycerine and of distilled water at the temperature of the crystals of the drug. There was also destruction of the red cells, as the leucocytes contained pigment; and there was a leucocytosis present:

The patient is now catheterized and the specimen discarded. The challenge will come from within our own house; it will come from the very people that contests.

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