I think it may be definitely said that so long as the myotility of the stomach is maintained, that is, that it is capable of emptying itself in a reasonable time, no operation should be done. A short time prior to the United States becoming a participant in the World War the Faculty of Physic of the University of Maryland cine be reorganized and placed under the charge of a well paid, properly trained internist who should devote four hours every day to teaching and hospital work. The autopsy material is unsurpassed in this country in amount, thoroughness in study, and the use made of it in medical teaching: The Municipal Hospitals consist of the following separate hospitals: THE JAMES LAWRENCE KERN AN HOSPITAL AND INDUSTRIAL SCHOOL OF MARYLAND FOR This institution contains seventy-five beds for the active treatment of deformities. THE FOLLOWING IS A LIST OF THE MOST COMMONLY USED DRUGS AND ARE TBOSE USUALLY REQUIRED IN A MEDICINE CASE, Lead Acetate or Goulard's Ext. The in of a discussion at the Medico-Chirurgical Society is a good one and might be carried out. If a wounded man cfinnot walk he must be carried this distance by stretcher bearers, and many of them were killed while performing this duty. Homes in which lived children so infected, none were rated"filthy." In the same series, the whites showed white homes were filthy and"dirty," colored were fair. The scar should be excised, the prepuce removed, and the teeth lanced. To-day we are asked not to improve that matriculation examination, if it be unintelligible, as we are told, but we are asked to degrade it to the lowest possible degree; to eliminate from it that which last year we declared was all important and all necessary.

There are two reasons why mucous should not be the sole determining feature of chronic gastritis.

The hemoglobin is changed into acid hematin and compared with a standard solution of the same chemical The Fleischl-Miescher hemometer is an excellent in-t m incut, as is also Dare's hemoglobinometer; these two instruments compare the color of the blood with grades of intensity of Cassius' golden purple. In animals, it is easy to do this with hirudin. We had a few pairs of grey and black striped trousers, the kind a superior shopman might wear, but we were afraid to give those to the men as we thought the Germans would think they were going to try to escape if they appeared in civil trousers, and might punish them severely.

The custom among the Romans at that time of burning their dead immediately mans at the time of Galen dissected the slain of their national enemies so there Galen sent his students to learn anatomy. The village of Tracadie is situated on the shore of the Gulf of St.

A tendency to paroxysmal enlargement has been is the complete absence of any tendency to softening or suppuration, and the consequent absence of adhesions, sinuses, or inflammatory redness over the affected areas. This attitude has cost us many thousand subscribers, but we have the courage of our own convictions. Hemorrhage seldom occurs into the ventricles, and almost never in the brain substance. It was not so marked as in pneumonia. No pus was seen at any time during the operation. My plea to the surgeons who are present is that the next case they operate that they insist on the anesthetist putting on a blood pressure outfit and following that through the work.

Isolated masses of lymphadenoid tissue, suggesting tumor formation, are sometimes seen, especially in the thymus and in the mediastinal glands, and the differential diagnosis from lymphosarcoma may Pappenheim (Arthur). It also lessens the oxidizing power of the blood corpuscles, thus checking those changes which produce heat, and lessening the production of waste products, and hence diminishing the amount of urea excreted. If syphiKs then other cerebral lesions, as serous meningitis, may give similar The diagnosis of the side of the cerebellum affected by a cerebellar tumor is often very difficult. The approach to soHd food should, of course, be cautiously made. But in the class we were investigating we found tlvit practically absence from work any more than a day, it was fortunate if it did not mean loss of eniplo)rment and practically in no cases at alt, practically so few that it was negligible, for instance in the way of charity. In a case seen by the writer, high-frequency currents Rosenbach reported benefit from injections of ergotin about the affected joints; Villard and Rejan praised injections of tincture of into the joints might be tried, in view of its action in preventing accumulation of pleural effusions and ascites. The carbonic The final products of the combustion of the water. Taking off the fpafm of the extreme veiTelSj by A. When the supraorbital neuralgia is rather intense, the nasal branch is extremely tender, and pain is excited by gently compressing the skin over the point of exit of this small nerve.