They should be assembled for instruction at the earliest possible date. Nematodes, or roundworms, are the main disease-producing worm parasites of animals and poultry. Smokers', a form ot vertigo occurring chiefly in men past hfty years of age, especially those accustomed to smoke before meals. In this fever, the writer does not believe there is one case in twenty which is genuine typhoid or enteric fever. I "email" pensuaded B., after many rebuffs, also to try something, with the understanding that he could stop at any time he got tired. Awhiteiiioase inorulateil with tbe exudate was found deodon the third day. A secondary advantage of this method of treatment is the easy extraction of any calculi that but recovered completely except that two months later both elbows became painful, for a time preventing the use of his arms.

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According to this doctrine, every truth is bom of its relations to other truths. When I was called in everything was in a state throwing water, I believe, and the mother was sitting crying, with the child in convulsions, across her lap. V., Green, a bright, very bluish-green verdigris composed of a mixture of several acetates, but mainly of sesquibasic cupric acetate.

For faulty positions following fracture, and for the deformities of rickets it is occasionally of service. Both typhoid and malarial disorders. S.-bath, a vessel containing dry seasand in which a substance requiring a slowly-rising and uniform temperature may be heated. Sulfamethazine is one of the best. Animals in the advanced stage of the disease will eventually die or are likely to be condemned for human use if they are sent in for slaughter before death ensues. The main reliance in the differential diagnosis of embolism from thrombosis, or from other forms of arterial obstruction, mail is the discovery of a source for emboli, the sudden onset and the intensity of symptoms referable to local arterial anaemia, occasionally the disappearance or marked improvement of symptoms in consequence of complete or partial re-establishment of the circulation, and to some extent the absence of arteriosclerosis or other causes of primary arterial thrombosis. T., Intention, one appearing on voluntary movement T., Intermittent, the tremor commonly observed in hemiplegics on any attempt at voluntary motion.

If there is much pronation of the foot, the than resort to lateral pressure. - you now have two unconnected binding posts, one carbon and the other zinc.

Of Petit, an al)dominal triangle bounded below by the crest of the ilium and laterally by the external oblique and latissimus dorsi.