" While we regret the retirement of Dr. The vision improved immediately and became normal in a short time:

Sylvania, Iowa and Ohio State. From the first of October, the fever began to spread in the schools, and, as the season went on, ii was more common among the children of American parents. The second ease was objierred by myself in a patient introduced into the infirmary of the over to be well understood that we do not here treat of those multiple articular abscesses which are observed to occur in puerperal fe? er, but of mono-articular arthritis, freely developed and onoomplioated with any In regard to the third case, it is borrowed from the clinics of Professor Nelaton, who has kindly permitted me to treat of it in connection with the two preceding cases. It has frequently been asserted that a large percentage of accidents occurring about plants is due seem that the greatest number of accidents are due to carelessness, some to ignorance, some to alcoholism, and in other cases a lack of proper guarding of machinery. The Foramen Ischiadicum "" into the Gluteal Region. With an unusual degree "" of motor paralysis and muscular atrophy. In many instances the statements in the present text-books are very vague and unreliable, and the points from which measurements are given are so indefinitely stated that no accuracy can be had in determining the exact location of the parts. He saw, on curarized mammals, by interruption of artificial respiration, all tlie smaller arteries contract, even to disappearance; and believed that lie could say, from other unpublished experiments, that the existence of this contraction was due to an irritation of perhaps all the nerves presiding over the circulation, in the central nervous system (medulla oblongata).

I.) described above; and it was repeated successfully on tJie same" My first osteo-plastic resection of the upper jaw cases where the tumor had perforated the base of the cranium to a large extent, and where meningitis" The operation has also been performed by Esmarch, fossa pterygo-palatina, with a successful result; by"Wagner, in Koenigsberg, and by Timon, in Heidelberg, likewise with successful result.

In oleomargarine making, whenever he has a supply to attend to, he is required to study the constituents of the supply, the processes of making, the color, taste, freedom from rancidity.

Tuberculosis carries off" at least one hundred thousand people annually in the United States.

The intestine and mesentery, between the rubber coated clamps, are now rapidly cut away, the line of incision being about half an inch from the jaws of the clamps ( Its claims become of the highest importance as the science of law and the science of medicine, continue to extend their administrations to society. All authorities state that every case of simple diarrhoea must be carefully watched during the prevalence of an epidemic of cholera. He occupied the position of Aural Surgeon and Lecturer in Aural Surgery to St. And if durability is a virtue it is a very good question, for it might be discussed until the day of judgment and still leave room for difference of opinion. In a little while all bleeding stopped. The State Board of Medical Examiners of Virginia is called to meet at the A. - in getting cow's milk for the infant we must get a clean, fresh milk, containing no preservatives. Original articles contributed exclusively to The Medical News will upon publication be liberally paid for, necessary to elucidate the text, illustrations will be provided Subscription Price, including Postage in Nortfi America. Desequilibrium of muscular antagonism is established; and in every case the object of mechanotherapy is to restore the equilibrium, whether such treatment be prescribed either as a cure without operation, or as a preoperative or postoperative On consulting different standard textbooks of surgery, it will be found that the directions given for the application of mechanotherapy in the cases referred to are various and contradictory, and in many cases quite vague. The cicatricial character of the baldness, with here and there a few wiry hairs surviving, and the adjacent hair follicles covered with sulphur yellow crusts, all are characteristic.