The smoke rushes on to the walls of the cylinder, deposits the coal, soot, and powders it contains, also all its gases soluble in water. What is the probability that the real mortality will lie between certain limits, as, for example, between ten and twenty per cent., after it was found to be fifteen per cent, in the observed cases? I say within certain limits, for that is all that we can reasonably expect in the complex facts of life. The analogy between lava-streams and rivers, on the one hand, and glaciers, on the other, suggests interesting and instruct ive methods for considering the entire question of the movements of liquids and solids on the earth's surface:

He considered that a great amount of honour was due to Dr Duncan for the manner in which he persisted in bringing the value of this mode of dry dressing before surgeons. AVe are shocked to read that the poor women in labour have no privacy but such as the matron can contrive at the end of a small ward, in which are the infirm and sick inmates, nor do they seem to have the assistance of a skilful attendant, for the matron, thougli she may have experience from practice, is not a midwife; the doctor is close by in the village certainly, but experience shows that it is impossible to guarantee that the medical man is not miles off in the country when his services are needed by the pauper woman in labour. But I was mistaken, and here is the proof.

The firsts and a recent donation has encouraged the committee to prepare to build a second block. Healthy, muscle "" mottled, slight tabby-cat striation; pericardium contained three ounces of fluid. To relieve the deafness arising from the closure of the meatus, the patient had cut a piece of a toothpick to the above size and inserted it to keep the waUs of the meatus separate. Shaw's theoiy that the contraction of the vessels found in the febrile state was a" revolt of the system against the circulation of impure blood." The view that the hardness of the pulse in this state was due to deficient kidney secretion was not consistent with Mr. The ear was placed in warm water at nearly blood heat, washed and cleaned; then the patient was washed and prepared:

But in co-existing cervical catarrh the latter is of the greater importance; and in these cases it is better, instead of first treating the catarrh and then repairing the lacerations, to excise the morbid mucous membrane and to unite the lacerations simultaneously by one operation. The thorax moved en cuirasse; respirations were shallow, not increased when resting, but lungs negative. Coupon - van Beneden described an active perforation of the wall of the stomach and intestine by the parasite, and many authorities hold that distant parts of the body may thus become affected. Intestines: Extreme congestion of arteries and veins.

These present the characteristics of blood vessels in sarcoma tissue.

In other respects she was a well-nourished, healthy-looking child, bright, intelligent, and The previous liistory showed that when she was bom the labour was easy, natural, and free from complication; that of age, and in every respect hea'thy and vigorous. Difference of opinion still exists as to the proper time to operate, and the particular symptoms which indicate that that time has that the occurrence of retention, necessitating frequent catheterisation with all its attendant dangers, is a clear indication. Be, and whether water analysis is included among them, and what practical book should be studied. Ireland, but has been a resident of Philadelphia for the past fifty years. No individual can be familiar with more than a minute fraction of the applications of the principles to the numerous geo logical provinces of the world. In regard to the attack of coma through which Lord Randolph Churchill has recently passed, we are authorised to state that ever since the paralysis with which he was affected when in Japan, he has had repeated attacks of semicoma or deep drowsiness, but none at all approaching the last in severity or duration. At the same time it is possible that the ovaries directly or indirectly influence the formation of the decidual membrane, and after their removal this ceases to be constructed. Of sugar occasionally found in urine.