The flow was so profuse as "coupon" to endanger her life. This was the child's usual indoor dress, with the exception of one layer. It was recognized that three diseases which hitherto had been comprised under the name of typhus, namely, exanthematic typhus, abdominal typhus, and recurrent typhus (or relapsing fever) are distinct in their origin, in their extension, and in their essential nature, so that one never The exanthematic fevers came also to be more clearly understood. Goodall, dealing only with cases in which a bacteriological examination had been made, found it valuable especially in cases, which were subjected to tracheotomy; but it did not diminish the frequency of albuminuria, anuria and paralysis. Circumscribed hsematomata may get well while the fracture is in splints; naturally, the toes must be carefully watched.

Relative to this, As far as chromocystoscopy is concerned. Detailed to attend a meeting of the National Association for the Study and report to the Chief Medical Officer, Ellis Island, N. He has decreed that all physicians giving instruction to the sisters of charity in Red Cross institutions, and all who are connected with dispensaries or other institutions in which the poor are treated free. My belief is that the gauze was drawn into the thoracic cavity in a deep or forced inspiration, and coming in contact with the lung wouud adhered to it and was forced gradually into the lung by the contraction and I am impressed with one fact, that whereas for several years before this accident the patient was decidedly and beyond doubt, tuberculous, as evidenced by cough, great emaciation, night sweats with apparent disintegration of the apex of his right lung. They are due to the shedding of the wool, the loss of condition, and the death Although laws were made for the control of the disease as early as the beginning of the eleventh century, general ignorance in regard to its nature and proper treatment has prevented the successful administration of such laws even to the present day.

The family physician considered it largely hysteria and could find no tangible cause. Reprint from the New York Medical The Prevention and Treatment of Ophthalmia Neonatorum, and the Necessity for more eflScient Legislation to Prevent Blindness from this Cause. Richet and Henricourt some time ago carried out series of experiments on animals which seemed to prove that raw meat especially or the juice expressed from not only prophylactic against tuberculosis but exerts a remarkable curative power over animals infected with it.

The fact of our review bein" young should not prevent us thus early laying the foundations of such as will be of the greatest benefit to future generations. A STUDY OF "reviews" LEUCOCYTES IN VITRO. Adequate set-off to the very frequent immediate deaths from chloroform in healthy persons undergoing minor operations. To insert a spigot abont three to four inches from the bottom is an easy matter. The sphygmogram shows the upstroke to be more continuously full between the beats. Slight cases do occur, though with extreme rarity, where a hemiplegia may remain for a short time after a uraemic attack, and you will find a well reported case of localized spasms, clearly the result of uraemia, reported in the last number (June) of the Canada Medical and Surgical Journal, by our friend and former Acute delirium has, in few cases, been observed to be one of the first manifestations of uraemia. The wounds are usually painless. The application of this glycerole should be preceded by very hot lotions of flaxseed. The initial dose was received in each case without symptoms.

Hallowe'en is one setting where children's folklife is shaped by adultrun institutions.

One and all of these instruments may cause serious mischief, unless used with judgement; and whatever procedure be employed, it cannot be considered safe unless carried out with perfect care through a good speculum and with ample illumination.