From this we see why it happens that fewer valves are met with in the pulmonary than in other veins; because the ramifications of the pulmonary veins chiefly hence in their pulmonary veins there are no On the Employment of Phosphorus as a the rapidity with which phosphorus destroys the tissues to which it is applied, the doctor conceived the idea of employing it as a revulsive upon the skin, to remove chronic inflammations of the viscera, of the muscles, or joints. Ferent from the limit of motion due to spasm ot muscle in chronic infection such as tuberculous disease.

However, this matter must be settled for each case, since theoretical questions are impossible to answer.

We find, on careful digital examination, a well defined wall of adhesions surrounding the abscess cavity.

The filtered solution was not disturbed by the hydro-chlorate of barytes, nor by the oxalate of ammonia, and therefore did not contain sulphate of lime. No matter to what degree a hospital may be a charitable insti tution, practically every worker in it from scullery maid to superintendent is recompensed for service except the nurse, who is in training, and the staff physician. Each case had to form a special study for the practitioner, and the result of the treatment would, in a great measure, depend upon the amount of skill and discrimination with which the resources of art were brought to bear upon the individual case under consideration. As I told you, after preliminary search, I was unable to recover the broken piece without anesthesia and incision, and recommended that localization studies be made prior to undertaking I again recommend that procedure and will make arrangements at your request and responsibility. If success in practice be any criterion of the efficacy of remedies, my plan may lay some claim to notice, for I have not lost a single patient from pleuritis for many years cases annually, including all kinds, there must Pleuritis, particularly of the sub-acute form of inflammatory fever, and in the commencement of inflammatory diseases in general, with the exception of gastritis and enteritis. The buildings erected for a State Agricultural College are to be PROSTITUTING SCIENCE.

George Hamilton alluded to the unusually large attendance of members as an indication of the importance of the subject for discussion, and of the interest felt in all that pertains to the fatal disease with whose approach we are now threatened.

Habitual spirit-drinking has ever been the bane of the army (in Scriptural language, the accursed thing). In regard to the third cell, the monocyte, that cell really represents what most people know as the large monocular and traeyitional cells.

The act of expiration was so forcible, that a lighted candle placed near the tracheal orifice was several times extinguished.

Lewis, formerly proprietor of a large jewelry store at Eleventh and Washington streets, in the center of Oakland (coupon).

Either the evidence to the contrary is continually accumulating upon us, or we must conclude that all who have administered it in fatal cases did not So far as my observation goes in three cases which were endangered, one fatal, asphyxia was the first observable symptom of an overdose of the anaesthetic, and death supervened in the fatal case, so suddenly and unexpectedly that there was little time to study the process.

Dose from teaspoonful to one tablespoonful in sweetened water, warm if convenient; repeat often if it is not retained, and give by enema as well as by the stomach, in warm water. I send you the membranes expectorated, entire, as preserved in alcohol since that time. For scarlet fever, the internal use of carbonate of ammonia is commended; and in malignant or non-eruptive cases, it is advised to add an ounce of strong solution of ammonia to each gallon of water for a hot bath. If these premises are true, we arrive at the conclusion that where ozone exists in its maximum amount there is no cholera. In his usual easy style he is holding your attention-during one address-tracing the history of medicine and surgery, and connecting this with our present knowledge; whilst in the next essay he is giving a vivid description of some disease, as duodenal or stomach ulcers, The first addresses are commemorative of men who have been pioneers in the great strides made by surgery. This constitutes the posterior obliquity, denied by Baudelocque and others.