One watching, too, who knows what he hears, will recognize the short hack of pathological conditions at the apices of the lungs; or it may be spasmodic, which indicates the lower part of the chest near the diaphragm as the location of the disease or the cough may be simply catarrhal or nervous; or he may hear the scraping of the throat, the bringing up of mucus, with a rasping noise, which is a peculiar cough, and indicates old pleuritic adhesions relieved thus by a constant flow of mucus.

That, under these circumstances, the epileptic paroxysms are due to the action of an internal and, at present, unknown toxical agent, seems to me the most rational hypothesis. Induction of premature labor in a primipara, by Skull. Meningitis, distinguished as rheumatic, has some distinctive of peritonitis developed in the course of the afl'ection, the peritoneal inflammation ending in recovery. But a false membrane' This statoment is true at least for all those who are not convinced that the_ exudation in diplitheria contains.specific organisms by wliich it can be distinguished from fibrinous exudations occurring upon mucous membranes in other diseases. Melancliolia may at times take the place of the ideas of grandeur, and, in rare instances, is the prevailing character The paralysis is general, and progresses more or less slowly. And the water of the pool represents the combined washings of the mouths and nasal mucous membranes of the swimmers (moleculaire). Our sympathies go out to the blind child, whose vision of the world has been forever cut off; but here we have the child, who sedog, yet sees not; the child with the darkened intellect, whose windows have never been opened to the beauties in nature, or to see and discriminate between forms and colors. On the other hand, the formation of a drug habit rather aggravates the condition from which relief was originally sought. The influence of this cause is aided by the presence of bands which pass from the centre of the roof to the floor of the vesicle.

Milk from different cows varies.

Craniotomy on the living child is a doubtful procedure. The patient is allowed to do this usual work and the bandage is changed every two to three weeks until the ulcer is healed, then the "" varicosities are injected at intervals until all are obliterated. Hyoscyamin has lately been employed with much success as an hypnotic in As regards the measures which have been referred to, and others, they are to be employed according to circumstances proper to individual cases. Intraurethral chancre is not rare in this locality: cellulaire. Now as the great majority of cases of prostatic enlargement, which interfere to a greater or less extent with urinating, is of a soft or congestive type, the treatment outlined will in almost every instance relieve the patient of all distressing symptoms. Heretofore there has been much discussion respecting the nature of the vomited matter, but it is settled that the appearances are due to blood changed by the action of the gastric fluids. - He does not seem to have been as cross in later years. As long as the canula is left in situ, the patient must be kept in bed and the dressings which absorb the discharge, changed as often as they become soaked. "Why? Is that any of my business?'Am I my brother's keeper?'" Yes, sir. I considered that he was a great with the grave situation in which he found himself placed?" Dr. It is not settled that varicella is ever communicable by inoculation. These micro-organisms have been found by many observers in cases of noma, and Place says"facts point strongly to their causal relation." In a series of seven cases of noma seen by Crandon, Brown and Place these organisms were invariably The exudate is confined usually to one tonsil, but may involve the uvula, the soft palate, the sides of the grums, the inner surface of the cheek and, Queyrat reported a case of secondary involvement of the prepuce.