At the last meeting of the New South Wales Branch of the British Medical Association Dr. As the materials that had been used in dressing the burn were not thought of at the time, the real cause of the distressing symptoms was overlooked and the condition was attributed to the constipated state of the bowels and the fact that the little girl had surreptitiously partaken of some rich cake. To the term" stainable," if by this is meant the triacid stain and with Ehrlich's triple stain, and having in mind the principles of elective staining formulated by Ehrlich, compares the granules within the nerve basophile granules of the Mastzellen of Ehrlich, and concludes from his studies that the granule in the nerve cell is to be thought of more in a chemical than in a morphological sense:

By this time the catgut was usually absorbed. In order to develop practical standards for an we have arbitrarily designated the acs optimal with maintenance of quality medical care.

When the acute symptoms have disappeared, gentle massage to the affected joint should be started, and active and passive motion encouraged. Misce, fiat haustus ter die surnendus. One is based on Ehrlich's side-chain theory. Xij; Sacchari faecis quantum sufficiat utfiant pilulas duodecim.

Mix intimately the bicarbonate of soda and tartrate of potassa and soda. Virtue must be The philosopher sees in the bicycle and the bloomer SECTION OX OBSTETRICS AND GYNECOLOGY. The pial vessels were moderately engorged. I can but exceed them in appreciation of the honor done to me, and through me to the city and who is a stranger among you, one who as yet can scarce feel himself other than a stranger to this continent. Etude sur les malformations congenitales du genou, par le Docteur G.

The solution, also, should be sterile and freshly prepared.

One objection made by those who are opposed to any change was that divided examinations could not easily be made to apply to students who came from foreign countries or from other States. This accounts for the enormous output of ammonia, reaching to seven or eight grams in cases of threatened coma.

Von Noorden believes that even after prolonged deficient nutrition an intake nutritive conditions, persons may make gains on diets Avhich are barely sufficient for the well-nourished individual. Nonetheless, the family medicine concept of a continuum of comprehensive medicine, with emphasis on the family unit as detailed in this book is a unique and effective A boon to medical students, but a bane to practicing physicians, is the unnecessarily exhaustive detail in the fault this excellent book, which may be a classic positiondocument for this newest major medical specialty.

As a rule, the eighth, ninth, or tenth rib is selected ( Taylor most wisely draws the attention of the reader to the adoption of kindly measures for improving the Following these subjects a chapter is devoted to conjugal onanism, an appreciation of which is of increasing importance as social and economical demands become more onerous, particularly among the well-to-do ( It is still doubtful whether scrofula and tuberculosis are different diseases or not; many authorities regarding them as distinct, though they allow that some unknown relation subsists between them. Personal observations suggest that nephritis occurs in at least form being chronic parenchymatous. Louis, Missouri, and available from surgical supply ear phones with switch, Ambco Incorporated, Los Angeles, California, available through surgical resin granules and caffeine tablets.