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In a few cases, in which the torsion is gradual and the symptoms are subacute, operation may be delayed for a few days. " On the third day from this, prolapsus ani (falling of the fundament) made its appearance. She was then brought to me and examination revealed the following condition: She was "" a healthylooking, well developed child. Not that I would in any way decry the brilliant and skilful results attained by surgical gyuiecology in this day, for it is too true that diseased conditions affecting the pelvic viscera very frequently result in the production of organic lesions which induce chronic invalidism and render the functional activity of the generative organs a menace to the health and even the life of the patient. Then there was the University scheme, there was no doubt that required the supervision of the committee.

The editor also replied, maintaining that he had always endeavored to be impartial. The appendix discussion of the statistics and reports relating to special wounds and injuries of the head, face, neck, spine, and chest. It is bounded anteriorly and externally by the corresponding corpus striatum, from which it is separated by the taenia semicircularis. Bowditch, of Boston, fully concurred in the views held by Dr.

A diseased English cow, was allowed to spread over the whole in one of the finest pasture lands on earth. Pharmacy and the Medical Botany of the new territory, attracted the attention of its physicians at an early day; and treatises on the preparation of drusrs, the polygala senega, and the great causes of the variety of colors in jjeople of different climates, by Dr. It is impossible to fix the attention of these children and they are absolutely lacking in that power of plodding work that often does so much for some dull cases. If a blow ruptured these vessels which connected the dura with the skull an effusion of blood was the consequence; but if they were only crushed, inflammation or suppuration would result, or the membranous covering and the dura mater be loosened from the bony case. So when th' experienced chieftain leads along To distant enterprize his warrior throng, E che non si disjionga a soffrir dura Ed aspra vita, per nodrir suo Jiarto Con ogni tenerezza, ed ogni cura? Han le mogli di voi via piit amorose; Ed ogni gente esjiosta aW Austro, alV Arto Ma perfarvi vermiglie ambe le rose De lei volti, dirovyi, Donne mie, Che son lefiere piu di voi pietose. At all events, from a clinical point of view, the co-existence of hypertrophy and functional incompetency need not at all surprise us, for it is not rarely met with. We should "" have educated midwives to take care of these cases of normal labor. In such obscure cases, especially when the peculiar position of the hand and arm, the facial expression, the attitude, and the gait of paralysis agitans are present, Erb advises the practitioner to remember As regards etiology, Erb points out that the disease is one occurring in the later period of life; that the majority of cases commence after the age of fifty, though occasionally it begins in the fifth, fourth, or third decennium. Come here loaded with digitalis, what for? Why, on account of heart trouble. The pieces are somewhat shriveled on the surface, and are pierced with holes in which may be found portions of a string used to suspend the root when drying. All the editions correlate structure and function For an excellent article on"The Importance of Technical knowledge is of no assistance in either medicine or biology, Addendum: Those who have the planning and execution of laboratory courses in histology will find many suggestions and THE PURPOSE OF THE NEW YORK STATE SCIENCE TEACHERS' ASSOCIATION AND THE WORK It is a source of congratulation that the Science Teachers of the Empire State are no longer to remain scattered and unorganized, but by association are to gain the encouragement and enthusiasm which united effort brings. The buds are covered with resin:

And this certainly is the most common combination; but the combination with intermittent does also occur, though less frequently, and both the possibilities which Drake tells us he never observed were seen often enough The same combination of remittent and typhoid fever which was observed by Drake has also been described by the late Professor Dickson of this city. When cool, a pailful of it may be mixed with a few handfuls of cracked oats, or ground corn, and should be given to each cow night and morning: half a tablespoonful of salt should be given twice a week. In most cases, however, pulmonar)' actinomycosis is associated with lesions in other organs, which materially help in diagnosis.

In somma il vostro error fiar che ognun mostre; Contra voi gridi'Z del, la terra, e'Z mare, II jfietto, il sangue, le viscere vostre. Many of the drugs used to cure red-water would kill a well animal, whatever they might do the diseased.

John Ewing was elected Provost and Professor of Natural and Experimental Philosophy, and all the professors in the medical department of Surgery, and Midwifery; Caspar Wistar, M.D., Adjunct; Adam Kuhn, M.D., Professor of Theory and Practice of Medicine; Benjamin Rush, M.D., Professor of Institutes of Medicine and of Clinical Medicine; M.D., Professor of Materia Medica and Pharmacy; Benjamin Smith The University, as thus reorganized, ceased to confer the degree of Bachelor of Medicine, and left it optional with the medical students whether they should attend the lectures on Natural History and Botany, bat in all other respects adopted the" Rules respecting a medical education and the conferring of Degrees in Medicine," which have been already We have thus sketched briefly the progress of medical instruction from its incipient beginnings in Philadelphia, to the complete establishment of the University of Pennsylvania by the formal election of the faculty school, and one which still continues to exercise an important influence over the educational interests of our profession, but because it has served as the type or pattern for nearly all the medical schools subsequently organized in this country.