Where is the consistency, the intelligence, the justice, in this strange partiality Much has been written recently about the effect on women of bicycle-riding, and one writer mentions a case wherein the hymen was ruptured on the bicycle saddle. Emphasis is placed on the clinical approach of diagnostic and treatment patterns of common disorders of the head and neck area, as well as the extremities ( I allow him water, crust-coffee and camphric tea for drink. Where shall the operation of puncture be done? Mr B.

It is concluded from these three facts that this is a submucous fibroid tumor. From the history, and not knowing the location of the previous lesion, of the nodule. Login - the extent and precision of his knowledge impressed me greatly, and the severe exactness of his method of lecturing was quite I much for anybody as a teacher before ful to the youngster who, I am afraid, took up more of his time than he had any right t do. Hammon was declared elected on the second ballot and Dr. This proportion depends mainly on the examiner's skill, and also on the willingness of the patient to submit to examination.

In one case, that of an old German, the strangulation had existed for five or six days, the bowel was much discolored, but a good recovery was made. An attempt was made some years ago to place upon the market the salt obtained by evaporation from the Crab Orchard Springs, but it was found after a time that this product was much less active than the water after transportation, and consequently the venture proved unprofitable and was abandoned. Last feet escaped into the streets. This is shown by comparing the average number of children in the patient's families of the first one hundred cases with those of the fourth family, of which the parents came from medium-sized or small but healthy families, we can predict that the patient is the, or one of the, youngest of the family: or, given a patient coming from a small family, of which the parents came from numerous families, and were among the youngest but healthy, we can predict that the patient either belongs to the youngest or the oldest, and not to the intermediate ones of his family; or again, given a patient coming from a small family, of which the parents came from a numerous family, but who have a phthisical history, we can predict that the patient belongs to either the older or the younger members, provided the patient's parents are not the youngest of their families; if they are the youngest, then the intermediate mem bers are not exempt, although even then more so In concluding this interesting subject, I hope that sufficient evidence has been brought forward to show that the environment of the modern man, so far as his shelter and occupation are concerned, is directly opposed to that of his savage progenitor; and hence through the operation of the law of adjustment of internal to external relations, his respiratory organs have been so changed as to predispose them to pulmonary consumption. I can hardly conceive, as I have already said, of a case of traumatic peritonitis living sufficiently long to develop enough true exhaustion to demand large quantities of food and stimulants; but, should this occur, of course the experiment must be tried, but the stomach will probably rebel.


(Hand Atlas Anatomy: Descriptive and Surgical.

Each primarily stimulates and secondarily depresses the heart, and we believe that in accidents of etherization the administration of alcohol is equivalent to the administration of more of the poisonous agent. The difference consists not only in introduced just within the line of the in- the introduction of sutures. Case of Ovarian Pregnancy, Communicated by G.

It seemed to him that there were three things at least well determined in chorea, viz., the existence of an abnormal state of the blood, an intense cerebral hyperemia in certain parts, and a neurotic history. A few susceptible patients, particularly asthmatics (see Warnings), may experience varying degrees of bronchospasm associated with the administration of nebulized acetylcysteine. - the personnel consists of one commandant (non-medical officer), one principal surgeon, nine surgeons, one belong to the transport service.

The editor cannot engage to return rejected manuscripts or to correspond with the writers thereof, unless such are A most interesting little pamphlet, yclept medical journal, emanates from Richmond, Virginia, under the editorial auspices of an say"good fellow," since all who know him concede his right to the title in its most liberal acceptation (

Notwithstanding their frequent recurrence, they do not seem to be always well understood by practitioners, and one obvious reason for the obscurity, which has attended their pathology is truly stated by Mr Calvert,' it is the great and often insurmountable difficulty that obtains to a proper examination of the parts in which they are seated.' did one will also be ready to confess, that the fault is sometimes we prefer to give some account of Mr Calvert's opinions and The subject of his first chapter is Hemorrhoids. The pain persisted until the time of admission, she localized her pain to the low back with radiation out into both hips and into the left leg. Compared with the peacetime civilian arena, these wartime factors make it difficult for military ophthalmologists to care for soldiers with eye trauma and consistently achieve excellent results. Thirty-three of the cases had marked general septic peritonitis, with the presence of foul pus and exudate in considerable quantity. The so-called miliary sweat powder, he says, be immersed for ten minutes in undiluted commercial hydrochloric acid twice a week for from five to eight weeks, and then at longer intervals. An Epidemic of Eleuro-pneu.monia in Chicago Industry, in his official report upon the outbreak of pleuro-pneumonia at Chicago, says: distillery stables in company with the State Live Stock Commissioners and the State Veterinarian.