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As he obtained further leisure, he amused himself with translating Cicero's letters to Atticus, which he subsequently published in two volumes returned thither again, partly with the design of affording to one of his sons, then entering upon the preliminary studies of a physician, that information and encouragement which he had himself received with so much dehght from a parent's lips. After outlining this plan of action, the second one of the authors of this report (Schwyzer) was requested to take part in this investigation, so as to perform the laboratory work himself, but always assisted by and in co operation All the following experiments were made by means of intravenous injections, executed through Luer's blunt injection cannula, filled with sulphate of magnesium (to prevent coagulation of blood), shut off by means of a stopcock, and tied firmly into the internal jugular vein by two ligatures. From tho mass of information at his ride-inspiring, makes sad reading. Among of all methods of treatment short of removal or rendering the recoveries are included all cases in which the imme- harmless the obstruction by operative treatment. Contemporaneous science, has dealt somewhat kindly with Lombroso for the valuable work he has done and the new fields of study he has opened. Having a beautiful foot, or stipe. To do this he must become conversant with the current pharmaceutical literature and be willing to contribute his observations to the sum total text-book or works of reference that are to be found in his shop. This cough, said the author, was violent, spasmodic, and even extremely painful; it was frequently accompanied by reflexes in the neighboring region, and particularly by watering of the eyes. The total acidity and the amount of free HCl can then be determined at once in the following manner: To five cubic centimetres of the filtrate add one drop of a one-per-cent. He reviews discusses more especially the question of expert testimony, and expresses himself as convinced that the present procedure, in which the medical witness is treated as a partisan, makes it practically impossible for the expert to present a scientific position from the witness-box. At this stage the elastic stomach tube is of great diagnostic value. Indeed, it has been stated that the larger proportion of grey horses die from this There is also an interesting case of strangulation of the rectum in a filly, by one of the ovaria becoming pendulous and twisted around it. Caffeine is without influence upon secretion or cardiac inhibition, so that, by adding this drug to our atropine, while we do not increase the undesirable effects, we get the synergistic action upon the respiratory centre.

If the supply of insulin be exhausted the patient should decrease the diet by one-third, and rest; the former diet should be resumed when fresh insulin arrives. A few fashionable physicians are said to earn as From Brighton back to London, and thence, via Dover and Calais, by fast, cold, dreary train to Paris, is an affair of only eleven hours, including time wasted in a most perfunctory kind of non-McKinley baggage examination. The percentage of cases in which syphilis was present in the insane had been were syphilitics. Her strength gradually returned by the employment of invigorating and gently astringent Mr. Labor did not come on for periods ranging from a day to a week. I must here refer to my general statements concerning the technique of the treatment of deep-seated disease in the early part of this chapter.

" Go slow" until you have the child unronscious, then push the anaesthetic furtlier by saturating the gauze with ether and covering up the head with the small blanket that is arranged about his neck. The odor entirely disappeared in a short time, the temperature went down, and the woman made a good recovery. Martin says:" Eine grosse Zahl sehr lehrreicher Objekte in lueist geradezu mustergiiltiger Ausfuhrung schmilcken das ausgezeichnet ausgestattete Buch, das gewiss einen hervorragenden Platz unter den zu Lehrzwecken verfassten Werken allgemein-chirurgischen Inhaltes verdient." HOW EUNUCHS ARE MADE IN EGYPT.

Code - taking first the chemistry of the subject, we may dismiss the slight excess of carbon dioxide as negligible from the physiological or pathological point of view. From the ashes of the species Salicornia and B., Sic'ily. If it contained pus, so large an abscess must give rise to greater systemic disturbance; while, if it was a cyst, how could I have overlooked it? Some days were lost in getting her parents to come, and then in obtaining their consent to an operation. On the following day I found the my visits, the patient being discharged cured, though One swallow does not make a summer, but I report this case, hoping that someone who has larger opportunities for treating typhoid fever may take up the suggestion and let the result be known. The body is subcylindrical, very long, and slender; belly rounded; head short, obtuse, with broad snout, not distinct from neck, which is not dilatable; tail short; maxillary Avith a grooved, fang in front, without other teeth behind. The topographical anatomy of the nervous system, as seen in serial sections, is represented in thirty plates of schematic drawings, made from sections stained by various methods, and in these plates the student will tind material assistance in the study of the normal liistology of the nervous system.