Before closing this notice, we cannot but return our thanks to the liberal and enterprising publishers, who, by republishing this work, have placed it in the power of every practitioner and student in tlie country, to avail himself, for a comparatively moderate price, of all the information touching the diseases coming under the care of a physician, which, during late years, has so rapidly accumulated in Europe; and it is to be hoped, that they will be encouraged by the success of the present effort, to continue, as they propose doing, the publication of the series, announced as forthcoming in London, and embracing works on To the readers of the Eastern medical publications the author of the above work is well known.

Ruttenpore was for centuries the capital of this district, and native kings or Rajahs had great herds of elephants here. I do believe, however, cleanse that, with proper supervision, eclampsia me a sign of developing toxemia. Mineral acids and strong alkalies are distinctly corrosive:

The histories of thirteen cases of nodular and massive tumors of the stomach are given. Professor of the Theory and Practice of Medicine Surgery in the Medical College of Ohio. Occasionional red blood-corpuscles are also described as present in the cells. Each student will receive a rating in each course based upon practical examinations or other tests as determined by each Department Two general examinations will be required of the candidate for the M.D. Arise as a direct result of chronic exposure to sunlight and. The nervous Infiuence is not attracted to the muscle; it Is sent to it by an act of the sensorium, carried into effect by the powers of the nervous organs, which are subjected to its influence; those organs, which, on the one hand, prepare that influence, and those which, on the other, convey it when duly prepared. As the child suffered absolutely no pain or inconvenience from her condition no active treatment has been adopted, especially as the deformity is barely visible, except Avheu the patient is undressed.

The few fishes that survived were rapidly succumbing, until the water supplying the aquarium was strained through a finemeshed bolting cloth, thus eliminating the injurious organisms. Of the illness, it should be added that the highest grade is usually reached as late as the fifth or sixth day.

The vaccination should be as thoroughly carried out as in the first instance. Most authors agree that the bacilli cannot maintain a permanent existence outside the human body. In order that the concretions should be of any size, it is necessary for the bile to be retained in the gall-bladder or ducts, for some time. A high count early herpes in the course of the illness, and by this I mean counts over twenty thousand or twenty-five thousand, is of more value in ruling out probable appendicitis than of being a confirmatory finding. Letter is to be written to Wesl Journal of Medicine so advising them. The size of the organization in addition to the increasing activities, is Ix-cominga Inirdeti that very few auxiliary tnembers will wish to take on be a homemaker and to keep) upj with the prapjet work and executive duties of the piresident. It is a dull red appearance which is presented and differs somewhat from the franker congestions, as the unhealthy flush of a cheek differs from the brighter color of a normal blush. Quartz breccias also occur on the divide between Pujada and the"Mr.

Dtpartinent of Internal Medicine, I'niversity of.-Vrizona.

A careful examination proves such to be the fact.


It is my impression that acute appendicitis is not at all uncommon in young subjects: fatigue. In placenta previa centralis, regardless of the parity adrenal of the patient or whether labor has begun, the treatment of choice is Pregnancy in diabetics is not common but does happen, and a large percentage of these patients have deformed babies.