And in the late feaiight between the EngHJlj and Dutch, tho' the engagement happen'd only reached to that place, but had fo confiderable an eifect there, as to fliaie the very windows. Favoring the utmost nicety in the graduation of doses. BOOKS FOR THE GENERAL PRACTITIONER.

Annual concerts are given with eminent artists as Additional players, especially those on brass and string instruments, are welcome and are asked to attend the next rehearsal in the auditorium of Association, past president of the American Medical Association, and a past president of the Medical Society of the State of New York, was given the award was presented at the Academy of Science, Havana, Cuba, in recognition of his effort and accomplishments in the advancement of medical the blinding eye diseases were announced by the per cent of which has been allocated to isolate the Holt, Jr., New York University-Bellevue Medical Center, is one of the many researchers now working on a grant for retrolental fibroplasia, and Dr. He quit when he had to go to work to help support the family after his father lost his job. He properly directs, not to expose the child's eyes to the strong light of day, nor to allow him to sleep in a strong sun, for fear of injuring his eyes.

The clinical diagnosis of the channels through which infection was spreading was of far greater value, both for treatment and for prognosis. A"our Finance Committee approved the additional funds will be needed this month as a loan to carry on the work of the Association. At two points, one in the dorsal Tlie adjacent bodies had come together, causing the kyphosis observed during life.

Give these things at one dose, with the must in the colocynth, and it will evacuate properly by vomiting. In practice there is little call for frequent analysis of food; after the minimum food quantities have been determined for a particular species of animal, a general knowledge of the composition of foods and a rough method of calculating the nutritive value of the food that is being eaten is about all that is necessary. Fragments of two of these have been found in the excavations.

And thus, alfo, in fummer, when the air about us is fultry hot, we find, that cellars and vaults, have the oppofite quality -, fo,in winter, when the external air freezes the lakes and rivers, -heat: and water, frefh drawn out of the deeper wells and Iprings, in a cold feafon, not only feels warm, but manifeftly fmokcs. He lias changed very nmeh for the better, his color having improved and his weight increased.

A portion of this sugar is continually disassimilated and the loss replaced from various sources.

Should the tumour be soft to the touch, and just underneath the skin, it may contain watery fluid (serum), or matter, when it will have to be opened; if it is hard, or deeply seated, and varies greatly as to the degree of injury.

Another purpose, which he, Haly Abbas, and other ancient physiologists supposed to be performed by respiration, is the evacuation of the fuliginous vapours of the blood. Perforation could not be detected anywhere along the gastrointestinal tract. At a stated meeting of the were read, an abstract of which will be published later: Dr.

Ureasplitters liberate ammonia, and the ammonia alkalinizes the urine. Fundus at operation and induced an acceleration of the heart rate, ventricular extrasystoles, and a delay in atrioventricular conduction. Pain ceased at once; but death occurred six months subsequently from In the upper extremity, excision of the median and several other branches of the brachial plexus has often been practiced, and with various results.-" In some cases the operation has effected a complete and permanent cure; while in others it has' afforded no benefit. Hippocrates forbids the nurseto take things of an acrid, saltish, acid, or crude Haly Abbas gives similar directions. He was treated by a private physician and received three daily injections of penicillin. Lactose (a good nutrient for Doederlein bacilli) is added to further establish the physiological flora.