- ryan, senior assistant surgeon of the Agamemnon. Many of the administrative responsibilities are in the hands of nurses and technicians, allowing our physicians to give their full attention to the needs of the patients.

Experience has fully established the fact that the best means for preventing the disease is healthy the production of free suppuration in the injured part. Every care should be exercised to prevent handfing and playing with the generative organs, and also to prevent Healthy Parents have Healthy Offspring. This is much better than camel-hair pencils, as the pressure squeezes the wash out of the mop and diffuses it upon every part of the inflamed surface without a repetition of the process: Staying - in the majority of instances, however, we are wholly left in the dark with regard to this point, and very frequently indeed, all our efforts to cure the disease, under the guidance of what we may deem the most unequivocal curative indications, are unsuccessful.

A very efficient blood-letting ad syncopen, in robust and full habits, together with the free application of leeches to the perineum, cupping on the iliac and pubic regions, emollient clysters, fomentations, mild purgatives, and the internal use of antimony, constitute the means upon which our main reliance must be placed for removing the malady. General uterine treatment is confined to the specialist, yet it is necessary that linkedin every physician should know,'how to treat these conditions. Ovari made." These statements, the department thinks, are calculated to"prejudice the decision of the suit." Hence its efforts to counteract their influence by the publication of a volume entitled. "Inveterate dyspepsia is, in itself, an ample warrant for surgical treatment." Gastroenterostomy in chronic ulcer of the stomach, gives very brilliant results.

A'r dannet oil yndi; a Hose gfpaneit o bvnnf. It seems to me that the profession has not given to this beautiful section of country, in close touch with the East and North, and most accessible from all points Nestled in the heart of the.Mleghanies, cradled by the Blue Ridge and Creat Smokies, stretches the.-Vsheville plateau, the great sanatorium of Western North Carolina and Eastern United States.

Some of us have the impression in going about buying as we do about voting in an election. Return showing the Number of Officers and Men that have been admitted into discharged from, and died in the Military Hospitals at Scutari, from the General Hospital, Scutari,. The journey is made in new and very comfortable boats for enjoying the scenery. In one word, I am s'atisfied that your veterinary remedies are e.xcellent and are etTective for the purposes recommended. Cay) complained of having to send almost every day requisitions for medicines or medical comforts. Mary Bagan Dratman, MD, an endocrinologist whose research has received international attention, was awarded an Muriel Kowlessar, MD, has been appointed to the new Maternal and Child Health Council of the Pennsylvania Department of Health. If there is much heat or inflammation, use the water cold; but if the party is stated. - the operator and assistants wear a suit of muslin, and are thoroughly antiseptic. On this are the falls of Juanactlan, which, besides being a great natural curiosity, furnish pwwer in abundance for the elec trie lights and water: the result is that Guadalajara is one of the best-lighted and cleanest cities in Mexico.

But be that as it may, it is required, as an absolute necessity, that the individual give up the use of tobacco in all its forms, and all wine, whiskey, cider and all other alcoholic liquors; for a man or woman cannot possibly live a chaste life, sexually or stain and deform the soul of man, made in God's own image, as do tobacco and alcohol, and it is useless for a man to try to live a healthy and continent life and continue in the remotest way in their use." of weakness or disease, it is necessary to understand the nature of the ailment. It is the lung of the Triton Observe this artery running parallel these arterial branches a venous root runs parallel. Piscioneri, Assistant Treasurer f Vote; Board subject to change at PMS Board of Trustees meeting, Mrs.

Following this comes fat transportation and infiltration of the affected cells, with the production of the fully-developed lesions; though why such a fat infiltration should occur, even as a passive process, we do not understand. To this term the writer takes exception, for he is convinced that these cases'originate from sepsis carried through the Falloppian tubes into the pelvis, where the inflammatory exudate breaks down and forms an abscess circumscribed by an adventitious membrane so closely resembling peritonaum that operators pronounce it such, and record the case as one of abscess of the broad liga ment. The food given is always fresh and the inaccuracy due to keeping overcome by weighing the patient's food and that for In feeding to the patient a liquid food, it is mixed as thoroughly as possible, a certain volume given him, and the same volume taken for analysis.

We deemed it far more prudent to enter fully into any unpleasant effects, than to keep them concealed, and present nothing but its prominent beneficial effects. Pine) maintains that the primary seat of mental derangement is located in the epigastric region, probable, that in some instances, at least, the primary source of insanity consists in an irritation seated within the abdomen. Kretzschmar deserves the thanks of the profession and the laity for the clear and forcible manner in which he sets forth the wants of the sick poor of the county, and we shall be "" much disappointed if, with his influence behind the movement, great reforms are not instituted As we anticipated, the engravings of Hippocrates and (lalen, which appeared among the advertising pages in the January number of the Journal, have been much admired by our readers. In one case out of seven reported the treatment was instituted too late in the disease to produce any beneficial effects.

EwLES, Dana Adrun Garden City, Mich.