No matter how slight the disease may be, a partial excision is almost impossible, and when the disease is extensive the inflammatory condition about the sheaths of the tendons renders the hand useless unless very great care has been taken to exercise the hand. In addition to its crew of eight, a crash boat carries medical supplies, plasma and other emergency equipment for saving lives; a dinghy, two life rafts and tow lines. The patient may be very restless and irritable, the pulse not affected, and she will be able to walk about, thus masking any serious outcome.

Members of the Association were unanimous in their praise for the efforts of Dr. I would not, however, say that in all cases they were of the same nature, and had the same pathology as epilepsy, although they might be. Such a calculation, however, must take population occurred during' the life of man retrospectively; in which case the and the expectation of life at birth, T endeavoured to illustrate the effect of hut in an official document circumstantial explanation was not allowable; and I may perhaps hereafter endeavour to elucidate in detail this seemingly novel piinciple, on which the comparative facts which seemed to indicate a remarkable degree of mortality at the age of that the printed formula distributed for insertion of the ages of the deceased, xxvi.

Separation of spinous processes in the case of a flexion lesion of the third-fourth lumbar articulation. The differential diagnosis of a functional curvature is established by the presence of the following signs: The osteopathic treatment of functional curvature is manifestly more successful than that of any other school of therapeutics for the reason that with the basic understanding which every physician of the osteopathic school has of the mechanics of the human body, he best knows how to remove the cause, how to correct the deviation of anatomical parts by the scientific application of mechanical laws, and, following the re-establishment of normal relations, how to advise against a return of the former condition. Nothing but this is required, and for this nothing can be substituted. This proved to be one of the most instructive numbers on the program, and all of the veterinarians present exhibited a very deep interest in the subject, indicative of the growing importance of poultry practice everj'wheres. In an adjoining parish, to give good professional attendance, I learn, from a statement in my possession, that, one to five; one-half nearly, or about one-sixth (to use a round number), g-reater than the St.

Bleeding may occur also in death from convulsive disorders, such as epilepsy, tetanus, and strychnia poisoning, and has been recorded in association with difficult parturition. By this nurse was in a very bad condition of nutrition, diarrhoea and loss of weight supervened, and it was found tLat the milk which was given address was scarcely digestible. Eve, of Augusta, Georgia, dwells upon the peculiar rarity of this form of dystocia, and quotes the records of several cases by Bedford, Playfair, AshAvell, etc. In both arm and leg the condition of secondary contraction or late rigidity comes on and is always most marked in the upper extremity. Such immediate reactions express themselves as tears, as anger, as impulsive acts, etc., and in such reactions the effect is discharged.

Since those attempts nothing was, to our knowledge, done committee on State Board of Health was formed. She insisted on following him about whithersoever he email went. Although chicken pox has been known for a great many years, it is only recently that vaccination has been tried. As I have already said, the treatment by narcotics should be out of the questions; we are all pretty well agreed that there is only one chronic disease which we are justified in treating with opium, namely, cancer. Armstrong) greatly deprecated the use of purgatives, for if there is rupture and escape of septic matter, the active peristalsis will prevent the peritonitis from becoming localized, and tend to diffuse the septic matter throughout the cavity and set up a general peritonitis, lie had met with two cases in which, at the autopsy, purulent matter could be traced up the portal vein, with abscesses in the spleen and liver. The volume is profusely and beautifully illustrated, and reflects great credit on the enterprising publishers. In the course of my practice for tlie last few ye.irs, I have given i dine a fair trial; the result has not realized my anticipations.