Of urea in the urine to total amount of solid matter. The disease most likely to be confounded widi varioloid is rubeola. Of anaerobioD (a, priv., ocr, air, life). The areas between the nervures are called cells. I wish some one would give us the account from contemporary letters, and from the side of Rush. Solium and Echinococcus granulosus and multilocularis. The decoction is made by boiling two handfuls of soot in a quart of water for two hours, the liquid to be strained through cloth. The immediate effects of bloodletting are diminution of the ntaan of blood and of fever, retardation of pulM, sometimes synecme. Walking home, still feeling miserably, he said that he could not feel the ground under his feet; the pavement seemed to be jumping up and down. These descriptions have, in the case of official preparations, been made to conform with the directions of the United States and British Pharmacopoeias.

Gastric hemorrhage is sometimes simulated by hysterical females, and by malingerers among soldiers and prisoners.

More often affected condition does not occur until the child has experienced two summer seasons, and after age afiliasi seven years immunity may be expected. Vickery in my absence, it was supposed semut We found the gall-bladder distended to hold about ten ounces. The left arm was used in every case, to obviate the possible variation between the two arms noted by some recent observers.

Marcy operated upon other cases of hernia, first publishing his results of the buried suture to the closure of all operative wounds, making in certain operations, as in hernia, hysterectomy, the restoration of perinaium, the use of the buried animal suture fundamental. Trouble may be averted by knowing beforehand whether the windpipe is displaced laterally or angulated in the antero-posterior direction; whether the goitrous gland surrounds the trachea or is growing downward into the thorax. The other abnormal conditions are acquired usually sarang after the age of six years, increasing with each year until puberty. In most eemtum rsswus; used as a stimulating omtment. Of the reported cases of cervical rib, the majority have been found in females. This is that increase vascular tension, includes what Gabler calls tension-diuretics; the second division consists of substances which, in passing through the kidney, excite medicines which promote diuresis by favoring dialysis.' Lauder Brunton's classification is essentially the same. Within limits the disadvantages with which a young man has to contend are not such, but rather are advantages; and later in life he will recognize that they have been an aid to him in reaching a higher level than he could otherwise have gained. Apparent iltalh, death trance, is chuacterised by tnispension or diminution of respiration and circulation to such'dcpee as to be scarcely or not at all perceptible, ditioD of the infant, or on torpor of the medulla ob- I ifMli by iwoduiMiig spasmodic closure of the glottis; wnrriag m this way in consequence of the medium t atbsunce which produces poisonous asphyxial Aapldill'.

Paralvria; defect of nervous power. Especially in the eyeballs, are experienced, and, in addition, pains in different parts of the body, especially in the lumbar region and the legs. I turned him over on the table, intending to do a tracheotomy, when he breathed and his color soon returned. The musdes of the larynx concerned in phonation have been known to become affiscted, leading to aphonia; also, the lips and lingual muscles, rendering The duration of lead-paralysis is very variable. Coma and couviilstoDs always denote imminent and great danger to life, but recovery sometimes takai tion, are apt to prove fatal.

This hole is then enlarged by the mandibles, through whose grooves haemolyzed and digested.