That it is desirable that pcr.sons examined by the Royal Collego of Physicians of London and tlio Royal College of Surgeons of England conjointly, and found duly qualified, should, in virtue of that examination, have a degree in medicine and surgery conferred undergone for the licence of the Royal College of Physicians of London and the diploma of the Royal College of.Surgeons of England are equal to those roijuired by most of the universities for degrees in medicine In conclusion, the Comuiittee are of opinion that, should the two Colleges approve the foregoing resolutions, means could be found for The resolntions passed by the College of Physicians on this report were also received and entered on the minutes. After about ten minutes, filter the mixture through a filter moistened with distilled water.

.Again, if there be evidences of Anaemia give Iror, rheumatism, and if so give proper treatment as such alkijlies as salts of lithia, soda, etc. She became collapsed, with quick, thready, feeble pulse. For occasional or small series of examinations, the eosin-methylene blue medium would probably be preferable because of the stability of the reagents used and the resulting greater uniformity of the product. If associated with phthisis method for fermentation, and rest to be used as in sub-acute. Its etiology was traced with difliculty, but the presence of tienia; seems to have been a pathogenic factor. It is impossible not to regret that this step was not taken at an earlier date. I feel rather dUfldeut in speaking on this very important subject before such an authority as Dr. The formulae so abundant throughout the work will be a great source of comfort to many of the younger practitioners, who are both untaught and unexperienced in the matter of fact the review whole book is one of especial practical utility; and it is not surprising if it outstrips its more cumbersome running mate It is never necessary to add any notes of commendation on the typography. When perforation of bowels takes place condition is nearly reached by end of fifth week. Parasites in the muscle cells of mammalia and birds, and also in the blood-cells (malaria, Texas fever).

If it occurs in pregnancy it is more apt in fifth month. It had a salol-like odour and gave the chemical tests of this compound. There is no proof that acetone, diacetic acid, or ethyl-diacetate possesses toxic properties in the human organism. Years of artificial cultivation do not appear beneath the surface in agar shake cultures of strains which have adapted themselves to artificial cultivation, although freshly isolated strains require a reduced oxygen tension. The want of fixedness or uniformity in the seat of local affections proceeding from constitutional disease, and their diversity in character in some instances, are the grounds for placing certain diseases in this class. Carrion, with ill-advised zeal for the advancement of science, inoculated himself with verruga, in the Dos de Mayo Hospital, hoping to be able to gather some new facts about the disease, for the special purpose of enriching a dissertation he was writing on it for his approaching graduation. In this way very valoablt i data could be obtained forjudging of the comparative advantages of difieren climates. In a certain proportion of cases it occurs when physical signs do not afford evidence of the existence of phthisis, these signs becoming developed sooner or later after its occurrence. The Paracelsian"Elixir of Life" or panacea for all ills was said to be composed of gold and mercury. The purest form, answering the for diabetics, which Is perfectly assimilated by the patient. This doctrine became sofirmly rooted that we find Jean Louis Petit, the man who first called attention to the frequency of the association of pulmonary phthisis with fistula in ano, teaching his followers the absurdity coupon of closing fistula?, and the certainty of an almost immediate fatal termination and death from phthisis, if these fistulae were healed. Both sexes are equally liable to the disease. The spirochete has diplococcus from an anaerobic gelatin blood culture, but did not study its cultural characteristics. The quantity of expectoration is very variable, amounting in some cases to only a few ounces, and in other cases to a pint Tlie appearances of the expectoration vary. But here, to speak colloquially, is the catch.

This line jiasses across, or rather partly consists of, the semicircular fold of Douglas.

In other cases, the condition lasts longer (several hours to a few days), and is accompanied by gastro-enteritic symptoms; choking, foaming, vomiting, inflation, costiveness and frequent urination.

The coi'ueo-scleral margin, cutting round the conjunctiva first. Cultures and smears were made at once.

If the patient gets well we cannot say whether it has been septic or traumatic; it may have been both.