To conclude http the operation, he pours into the stomach two or three hundred grammes of milk. Sometimes an Indian fallsso violently as to injure bewertung his head. The beat of the crural arteries at the groin is very feeble, and no pulsation can be felt in the abdominal These are the indications characteristic of obliteration of the thoracic aorta; the collateral circulation is carried on by the branches of the subclavian arteries, which must therefore be dilated. A whole extremity may become erfahrungen gangrenoiu. Remove the outer leaves and stalks, and cut the cabbage in quarters, and shred them into a colander, and sprinkle them with salt; next day drain them, put them into a jar, and pour on them sufficient cold spiced vinegar to cover them. For this end, the prascordia may be painted daily with the tincture of iodine, or small blisters may be applied, removing them as soon as vesication begins, and allowing the blistered surface to dry up rapidly.

Convulsions and coma in modified or unmodified discrete small-pox are unfavourable, especially so if they supervene from about the sixth to the ninth day of disease.

Tlie sudden arreat of the akin common iu twin pregnancies (gutscheincode).

Next to the "" ship, as a nidus for yellow fever, is the large maritime city, situated at the outlet of a great river, subject to annual overflow and the atmospherical peculiarities of July, August, and September.


This is to be done by thorough sanitary measures in regard to the removal of filth, attention to sewers, cesspools, and privies, also to wells or other sources of water-supply, together with proper protection against causes of disease from waste-pipes in houses; providing against overcrowding of tenements, etc., and only those need be detained in quarantine who are suffering from cholera or diarrhosa.

There is apt to be a feeling of incapacity for muscular exertion greater than the actual loss of muscular power. The muscular coat is liypertrophied.

Rigidity of the abdominal muscles, which is one of the diagnostic symptoms of peritonitis, is wanting in enteritis. After a visit to the // Palace and grounds, an informal dinner will play during a display of fireworks, which may be viewed by members of the Congress from the Queen's Corridor. The intestine, however, was healthy, which is a very cardinal point in all such operations, and as such, it was easily and satisfactorily reduced. It appears sometimes in discrete, but usually in severe cases and during the pustular stage. Thus a gallon of ether in avoirdupois ounces and decimal parts, is likewise at once seen by doubling the specific gravity, and removing the decimal point Weights and Measures of other Countries. Doubtless the uric-acid diathesis is a very influential factor in the gutscheine development of the disease, and hence those remedies which lesson its formation are deserving of high consideration.

Of the cases met with there; Dr. Has during past three years been under the care of several physicians; one of whom thought necessary for a long time to apply nitrate of silver to cervix twice weekly.

In a large percentage of patients an "" oily condition of the scalp or hair is commonly found.

Under these circumstances, if those first selected prove inefficacious, others Palliative treatment is important.