In about an hour and a half, her bowels were opened freely, and at intervals for the ensuing thirty hours, in all some thirteen movements. Papillaud has just appeared in Paris, the object of which is to prove the value of arsenic and antimony in the treatment of cardiac disease. A small handful of cotton wool is now thoroughly wetted by squeezing it in water, and shreds of it are dropped into the bottle until a layer about two inches deep has been made. The dogs trained for sanitary purposes were taught, when the wounded were found, to make this known to the litter bearer in one of three ways: To remain with the wounded man and attract the bearer's attention by barking.

Children of alcoholic parents, trained to the early use of liquor, are stunted in their growth, and a French physician is inclined to ascribe to this fact the decrease in the standard of normal height shown by statistics in that country- -Bulletin the decreasing natality to be the high living of the well to do classes, which induces the arthritic tendency with its lowered vitality. Jumping, and injured his right arm.

These services include Physical Diagnosis Films, Scientific Films, Projection Slides of Medical Illustrations, cooperation of The Coca-Cola Bottling Company of COLE PHARMACAL COMPANY, INC. To select the weaklings for such detail gives a false idea of regimental marching and campaign eflSidency, and delays the elimination of the unfits from the service. I look forward to visiting with you during this year. Yet many reports on hemorrhage do not mention that fecal specimens tested before therapy were free of blood or that in patients with healed ulcers fecal tests were repeated periodically.

In man alone we find the exception of a difference of the two sides in strength, dexterity and usefulness, though none in How has this great difference originated? A heredity of ages has had no effect, in changing the form of limbs, hands, muscles and nerves of the two sides.

Jn this country the disease is very rare. Forbes prepared an elaborate table of his results, and by combining his anatomic and surgical knowledge with the mechanical skill of his assistant, he constructed a lithotrite which though weighing no more than Bigelow's and Thompson's, by meeting the anatomic conditions and conforming to laws of mechanics, eliminates the defects of the older instruments, and is vastly more effective.

He regained his health until four years ago, when, while sawing a heavy piece of timber, he was seized by a clfoking sensation, and had a luemorrhage of bright florid blood, a quart in amount. As far as we could learn, this fungus difl'ered in no Faculty of IMedicine has sustained a serious loss years, was promoted at the commencement of the present year to the Chair of Clinical Surgery, which M.

S., edited shape of this Journal. In either case the dose used is the largest, twice which is not anticomplementary. Any evidence of organic disease or physical disability for field service will cause the possessor to be relieved from attendance upon field exercises. While most recent authorities do not make a distinction between scrofula and tuberculosis, there is a fundamental difference in their general und local development. In all forms of chronic j)eritonitis a friction may be felt usually in tho In some instances of chronic i)eritonitis the membrane presents numerous nodular thickenings, which may be mistaken for tubercles. In fact the statistics of the French, Grcrman and Austro-Hungarian armies show that the nimiber of troops, both in the home zone and at the front, are acquiring venereal diseases with results that far percentage has risen to a much higher figure, particularly in the AustroHungarian army." The same writer tells us that"Lues" forms more the expectation that the manifestations of the disease would cause them to be placed on the invalid list and so escape the performance of duty. A few hours could be devoted profitably to it for several weeks without interfering with private practice. The omental mass is a less frequent source of error than any other; but, as already mentioned, a similar condition may occur in cancer. These conclusions regarding the efficacy of this drug are borne out by the observations of many recent authorities. Dentition is delayed, and the teeth which appear decay early. This man wanted me if possible, to discover something wrong with his eye, so he could demand a larger sum of money when he institued his suit for damages. If, however, the same be inoculated into a cow, a pustular disease is produced, but the eruption is found to contain only the algoid stage of growth, the los vacciola.

The master gives him a flogging for it, and Nature (Deity) the colic. The general circulation in these conditions is impaired, while vascular changes in the nervous system exist (