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Except where the mother's food is inadequate, the period of pregnancy is therefore not one of sacridce but rather of gain for her. Balfour' says:"All the benefits we obtain from digitalis are inseparably connected with its tonic action; they flow from the power that digitalis has of increasing muscular elasticity, and the improved metabolism of all the tissues, but especially of the myocardium." The effect of digitalis upon the heart depends upon the amount of the drug present in the body.

W'hen intravenous administration is employed, ob servation for more than one-half hour should not be used, the amount of excretion for this time being almost equal to that for two hours following the subcutaneous injection. He was the first doctor applied to by Mrs. Baker also states that, according to his observation, the disease is as prevalent among those with" an abuudance of pure air, good water, wholesome food, clean soil, and a clean personality." One will hesitate to accept this latter statement as a feet of general application. The left tonsil had then sub sided very considerably, and was soft, leaving the right one standing out prominently, and presenting a rather sharply defined ulcer, and a very marked hardness to the No clue to the method of infection was obtained; her husband, from the description, probably had syphilis, As the case was from the first suspected to be one of tonsillar chancre, the genital region was carefully and deeply examined, but no trace of an initial lesion could be found, although mucous patches were present, which had produced a ( The latter feldom happens but to perfons who have before been liable to an And in moftr cafes, by looking into the fauces, the diftillaticn of the blood from thence will be perceived.

Fat is mil liKrnifiiK but may be benelieial: it may be taken as lat of white stalks ol cabbage and lettuce.

The more stimulating current is desired. Manfredi has made an elaborate investigation of gramme. The milder preparations, such as the ammoniocitrate, the potassio-tartrate, or the phosphate, or a few minims only of the tincture of iron may therefore be given. .Vnaestheticsought to be considered a special service. They compoie the ml elves quietly, as if to get fleep, and fo they expire. Irrr gular, almrtkillar, metuslalic, nlmceileiil. At the Heidelberg Ophthalmological Congress held in September last. The beliefs in the vacuous heaven and the do-nothing God exaggerate the tendency, and some day, like Dore s neophyte, the startled mind flashes a wild glance of inquiry about itself, while cosmic fear congeals the blood with the panic of discovered universal objectlessness. No remarkable changes were found in the percentage of haemoglobin, number of red cells, or character of the leucocytes. IMiaiiW' tiny ainiiiint of nrnteH prcNcnt. As the oldest part dates as far back consequence very inadequately represents the present stage of improvement in hospital construction. It came from the top of the Blackfeet Tales of Glader Park center post, where all the sacrifices to the sun were hung.