The change occurs also in the endothelial cells of capillaries.

MacWilliam and later Birschfolder have shown that, when stimuli arc thrown into the hearl too fasl for it to follow, it frequently responds by a doubling of the rate rather than by a contraction in response to cadi individual stimulus, and the rapidly recurring stimuli from the fibrillating auricle- presenl exactly these conditions. A method of estimating the quantity of organic matter present in water. Chisholm, in Ms"Manual for the Use of Confederate Sirrgeons," for instance, stating distinctly that the use of the probe in such injuries is a siu-e sign of a novice in surgery; but no one has yet pointed out the evil effects of using a probe, and the objection to its use simply rests on professional dicta, without any evidence having been brought forward to show why its use is dangerous. A thick paste of plaster-of- Paris is rubbed upon the cloth to secure immobility.

He left the oculist soon after, and in September, testing the eye accidentally, he found it was entirely blind; at no time had he suffered the slightest pain, and he was, of course, review greatly disturbed and surprised at his discovery. Sweden, under the inspiration of the great Linnaeus, the father of systematic Botany, and later the school of Leyden, under the great Boerhaave, and still later Edinburg and London became successively the objective point of medically inquiring minds.

The unusually well-marked features of high-grade anemia seen in the frequent epistaxis, purpuric eruptions, hemic murmur and the great reduction of erythrocytes, are exceptional features, rendered more so by the fact that the hemoglobin erythrocyte ratio is rather thai of the pernicious type of It mi-ht be thought that the blood condition is an essential purpura hemorrhagica, but to me the more reasonable view seems that the condition is an exaggeration of the customary anemia. A lot of formaldehyde solution (formalin) may to-day contain thirty-five per cent, of formaldehyde gas and the next lot probably thirty per cent, reviews or less. He punctured and drew olT four ounces of a pale straw-colored fluid. S., Mitral, stenosis of by stenosis; reduced in size or caliber; contracted. In addition to its table value it has been found to possess excellent therapeutic properties in chronic affections of the stomach, bowels, liver, and kidneys. Besides he was a man of cultivated mind and refined tastes, one of the recognised wits of Paris, and a man of RIMBWAIS of subscripticms to the Reading the following report from the Cincinnati Hospital records: laborer, single.

The assistants ought to take a short course in training in the Rush clinic, they would be vastly improved. It is certainly patent to all.

Brainard made a brief but characteristic address.

S., Intermesoblastic, the cavity between the visceral and parietal laminte of the mesoblastic plates of the embryo. P., Secondary, a presentation that is presentation of the shoulder. The type Lorain infantile has been described as having a small in, INFANTILISM M HOOKWORM DISEASE statuiv, delicate, slender skeleton and form. It was formerly a popular domestic remedy for rheumatism and gout, and is externally employed Conspectus of.