The area of superficial cardiac dulness extends fem the xyphoid cartilage slightly to the left of a vertical line passing through the left nipple. This fact suggests a very important lesson in such cases as are not susceptible of being remedied by position, till nature can accommodate the brain and nerves to the pressure, or till the nutritive function shall have effected the necessary changes in the shape and position of the parts exciting the morbid influence. He is furnished with a corrective mechanism which is indispensable to his existence.

The operation of esquillectomy and trimming with the saw being completed, fixation should be effected by a posterior plaster trough with the elbow fully flexed: the best reduction can be obtained in this position. The committee has issued a list of the hotels of Denver, with opgelicht their rates. In our public "dianabol.nl" schools the teacher makes the rules.

We have our fake favorite star, our favorite peace. Effervescing great heat of the surface; tongue loaded; excessive thirst; the chest, increased by a full inspiration; leeches to the ankle; swelling and tension of leg and ankle abated; abdominal ten leeches to the epigastrium; calomel and opium.

These are maintained in as sanitary condition as possible: ervaring. The patients were enabled to resume their occupations: forum. Cases, treated by inadequate methods, consequences of suppurative - arthritis and j uxt a - articular osteo my el it is, are in a from its vascular connection with the shaft, becomes rarefied and almost translucent under X-rays; foetid pus escapes through two or three sinuses, bulky periarticular callus produces a kind of circular ankylosis, the humerus, six months after the wound was received; treatment was Umited to cleaning the soft parts and passing a drainage tube through the fractured area.


Kirkbride; on the relative value of the different kinds of fuel, for heating hospitals, by Dr.

Chiari and Januschke had already called attention to the nep efficiency of calcium in combating inflammatory processes in general. A perfectly pure cultivation not obtained, but the contamination, a clubbed ba, was cultivated pure and experimented with. Aspiration of the antrum through the ostium maxillare, as suggested bv Hartmann. I have seen it produce pain and mniting in gastric catarrh, in fibroid induration of the fltomach,or whenever there is inflammation of the mucous aembrane of the gastro-intestinal tract In inflammatory Sairhoeas of children the anxious mothers are forever (hrbg toast, and it in turn is forever giving pain and of diarcoal, insoluble in the juices of the stomach, are ioTcd up and down over the irritable mucous membrane Eke so much powdered glass, and finding their way into die intestine scratch the inflamed Peyer's patches, or the ingry macous membrane, as the case may be, renewing We are taught to beware of the (danger that is disnlfed in our drinking-watef, of the germs that lurk in the air, of the mince-pies that linger in our stomachs; ought ic not in inflammatory conditions of the stomach and WHICH ANTIFEBRIN WAS USED SUCCESSFULLY AS AN ANTIPYRETIC AGENT." To ram Enrroa or Thk lisiucAi, Rsoosd. A QUESTION OF PRIORITY IN RAPID DIVULSION OF It has been our pleasant duty from time to time to correct in these columns the misapprehensions of some of our transatlantic brethren concerning the originality of certain methods of diagnosis or therapeutic measures which they have brought forward with the claim of priority. It is not unlikely therefore that the abdominal binder of the oriental, since it was worn tightly, and donned before fatiguing effort rather lhan in the cooling off season of rest afterward, in those who are not strong, and who suffer early from fatigue in the standing posture, it seems reasonable t(j supjjose review that the use of an artificial abdominal sui)port to help out the overworked muscles would be of benefit.

In calling them colonels, I mean no offence to the dead. Leonard Molley designates these symptoms as'gallbladder Mayo-Robson says:"Cholelithiasis is curable by surgical methods in ninety-nine per cent, of cases, as I myself have demonstrated in a large series of operations: but if we wait for complications to supervene, and for the onset of jaundice and various infections or until cancer has invaded the liver and gallbladder, which it does ultimately in fifty per cent, of cases in which jaundice is present, then there will be a betrouwbaar very different tale to tell." Ochsner thinks it is unwise to postpone operation until we have biliary colic, jaundice, and passing of stones, and gives the following indications for surgical intervention: i.

By this means it is possible to counteract strong muscular opposition, as well as to obtain a better In cases of this sort the lever-crank is very useful. He was convinced that the lower end of the nerve could be regenerated without being brought into contact with the upper end of the divided nerve. Those of an open mind, seekers after truth who can lay aside prejudices and watch the intelligent application of adequate quantities of potential radium betrouwbaarheid in properly selected cases, will be able to estimate its worth. It should even be employed when there are only simple injuries to the cartilage L. It frequently happens, though this is not a constant sign, that there is anaesthesia of the mucosa of the cheek and of the external gum as far as the fracture site.