Where night-sweats occur, this acid frequently acts like a charm, and patients who were becoming exhausted and dispirited after weeks of suffering from this annoyance have often been cured permanently after taking the acid only two or three days. As she had considerable gastro-iutestinal disturbance while taking tliis it was changed to" Horlick's Malted Milk" which she continued to take until she was ten months old. When she walks, she card does not raise the feet from the floor, but shuffles BOSTON MEDICAL AND SURGICAL JOURNAL. Susceptibility to the toxic influence of tobacco increases with age.

According to Schulz chloralkali can be dissolved in a watery solution of carbonic acid through the formation of small quantities of hydrochloric acid, and on this account M:

The pain was so severe that she fainted and was found lying unconscious on the floor. The writer concludes that the thyroid treatment in those affected with psoriasis, is constantly the cause of various troubles, which are sometimes anno)ing; and although not dangerous when under proper surveillailce they suggest caution in its employment.

Hollow needle introduced at the lower border downward and inward found thick, j'ellow serum. In addition to "" this, a small swelling is to be noticed, apparently due to the thickening at the insertion of the tendo-Achillis. Hugh Young; and lastly, for diseases of the eye, ear, and throat, a large separate clinic is needed, which will give to these all important subjects For "" how much to be thankful have we who have shared in the initiation of the work of these two great institutions.

The relatives, friends or guardians of any person committed thereto may pay for his maintenance and clothing or any part thereof, and the accounts of such persons shall be credited with any sums so paid. Patient yielded to anesthetic without any excitement or nausea, and passed from first to second stage very quickly. A sister of the child, aged nine years, had been visiting her grandparents for about six months, at a distance of twenty-five miles from home. The principal sources of starch are the following: Potatoes, rice, corn, wheat, sago, sorghum; liver starch is produced in the Fats include fat meat, butter, fat from milk, vegetable fats, The term protein is applied to the compounds of nitrogen contained in lean meat, albumen of eggs and milk, gelatine from bones, vegetable albumen, casein from milk, fish, meat extractives soluble in water, beet tea, and meat extracts. Of a grain) and potassium iodide (five grains), which caused iodism. Income from a bequest from the estate Medical College, provides scholarships for students who would not be able to afford The Abby Rockefeller Mauze Trust. Reposition was effected by the Cooper method with straps and pulleys; however, we could not retain the head of the femur in its socket. Early on, the new chairman invited a group of senior staff to meet at the university each Monday for two hours. Starr's Middleton Goldsmith lectures, with which our readers are already familiar. Khaki-coloured drill can be worn, if preferred. It is not alone that the money is lacking; the men are not always at hand ( The medical profession now exhibits in highest degree these virtues.

Allow the coating to dry thoroughly, otherwise it will cause the patient considerable discomfort and smarting.

There wore H few small tubercular nodides scattorod throngh the lung, and hiomorrhago at the jjoint of "health" puncture and tlie omphysematous condition found else whore.