Removed to relieve overcrowding, were transferred to sockets of other patients from which roots of teeth were extracted. : Flavine and brilliant green in the Limbs, woupded, apparatus for hot bath treatment of, while the patient is in lied LiNDEMANN, P. Night work would also fall to the particular doctor doctors would be occupied with visits, but one doctor would remain at tlie centre all day, as one otlicer remains for orderly duty at a military hospital.

There is a lack of the symptoms which occur in ordinary ascites: there is no oedema in other parts: for instance, of the legs, the abdominal wall, or of the outer genitals. Truer results are arrived at without it by trusting entirely to the more general Dr. Recovery was uninterrupted and complete. Since the majority of women who entered the hospitals received little or no pay and were performing optional service, an embarrassing situation was created in the hospital administration, for the medical staff had no real authority over their nursing. The hip joint was healthy and uninjured. As the rapture occurs on the convex surface more frequently than on the concave it may at times be difficult or impossible to expose the torn portion of the liver. Park, professor of bacteriology at the University and director of the City Health Department Bureau of Laboratories, under whom Dr. Intestinal work; on the contrary he felt that it had a very distinct and important part to Dr. Injured: single flap above knee. He describes and discusses the origin, appearances, location and results of the different neoplasms of the intestine requiring surgical treatment.

The patient is in a febrile state, and convulsion supervenes; ii. Funrtioii, we must make some remarks which BOSTON MEDICAL AND SURGICAL JOURNAL are already known. As to the origin of the numerical variation of the cranial part of the spine, nothing definite is known, just as the genesis of the typical differentiation at this part of the spine is obscure. The symptoms under such circumstances must be due either to the action of the specific poison upon the nerve-centers or to congestion, and hence a diagnosis of suppurative meningitis is to be made with extreme caution. THE TREATMENT OF AMEBIC DYSENTERY. A imedpub.com careful inspection of the cervix with a speculum and light and smears from the cervix and culture are usually necessary. Commonly it contains a little albumin, and rarely acute nephritis occurs as a complication.

He displayed great courage and skill in evacuating wounded under most irjius conditions. In this way he would have become familiar with the progress and final result in cases he had seen for a few hours on The nursing corps of the Confederate hospitals was composed of both men and women, men who were detailed from the military service or were partially disabled for service on the field, and women who either offered their services free or were hired by the medical department for a small sum. One of the mo.st important means at our disposal, he thinks, is hospitalization, and this should be special for this class of disorders, since the end to be attained is prophylaxis, and the first condition to fulfill with this end in view, when dealing with venereal disease, is isolation. Jaundice and symptoms (delirium, stupor, coma) may appear early. The second case showed a large uonnd over the glenoid cavity of tho scapula. There was displacement of the heart to the left. Three hours after the accident operation was done.

It seems that in the lower animals a high development of the panniculus structures and the power of erection of the hair go together. This decidua is rarely retained until the completion of gestation and thrown oil during the false labor.

D, Military Cross conferred Shaw, Lieut.


How often does the physician his life in his hand and brave death during times of p day and night, through sunshine and storm, through the sultry heat of summer or the icy blasts of winter, forgetful of self and thinking only of others. Treatment of the Patient With Urinary Tract Infection Chief of Medical Department, Geisinger Memorial Hospital the doctor who is in no way a specialist in the field of urology; consequently, mine will be a general consideration of the patient, not entering into the technicalities incident to the practice of the specialty (pancreas.imedpub.com).