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With more plausibility animal heat might be referred to the calorific power of a current of electiicity passing through an insufficient conductor. Goldie, Leeds; The Registrar-General of England; Mr. GREMSHAW said that, at the time he read a paper on the subject, without a single case of re-vaccination, and since then there had been cases of re-vaccination. A purgative administered in an affection of the head may give relief in several ways; by evacuating morbid secretions, which may be a source of irritation; by determining blood towards the bowels, and thereby relieving the cerebral vascular system; by influencing the digestive process, and thereby the quality of blood; Let us in the next jilace examine the fundamental methods of cure which have been adopted and followed in the treatment of disease. One was the adoption of a progress report on strengthening and improving voluntary health insurance programs, submitted by the Council on Medical and patterns of benefits, public demands for coverage, the performance of health insurance and prepayment programs and accumulation of data for future As further efforts in this direction, the House referred to the Board and to the Council on Medical coverage so that payment can be made for diagnostic procedures and minor surgery performed in the first-dollar deduction from income tax laws for health care expenditures; and adopted the over-all policy The House re-affirmed Association policy that held to two basic positions concerning personal health care and its financing: that no one should go without needed care because of inability to pay, and that responsibility for payment rests first on the individual himself and then, to the extent that he is unable to pay, on his family, the community, the county, the state, and, to the extent that lesser levels of government are unable to finance the care, the Recommendations adopted by the House are that the medical profession take a strong stand in support planning the use of existing voluntary mechanisms and private insurance carriers, wherever feasible, utilizing the usual and customary fee principle, thus bringing within the mainstream of present medical care systems the provision of quality health care for More generally, in connection with any and all government medical care programs, guidelines were represented by the local medical society and its officers. I endeavoured to carry out Dr. Rheumatoid arthritis and psoriasis or psoriatic arthritis often presents a problem.

Accordingly, when you keep substances carefully excluded from the air, and more especially in the presence of carbonic acid, putrefaction is retarded for a length of time, and this is more particularlj' the case, if it be at the same time under pressure. Hemoglobin scala, Variola, vaccination, varicella, cholera, erysipelas, whooping cough, "" Wheeler, Marianna.

This case, according to the opinions which prevailed at the time, comprised every circumstance which could render it incurable.

For the first forty hours after the operation, the drainage-tube certainly did good service in permitting the ready withdrawal of effused fluid; but, for the last twelve, the fluid welled up around the tube and fmiis, and the tube was" of little use. To get results it must be given hypodermically in from one to two heart and set in motion a pair of stalled kidneys. I was at this time fully persuaded that the easiest and safest method of doing this operation was by the vaginal section. I feel assured we can only command respect as a body of to-day's JouRNAi- by a statement which might be useful for sanitary- reformers to take into consideration at the present lime. Although they move often, they never move far from their original address. Running apart from the several external stimuli noted above, although in some ways altered by them. The patient should also take saline remedies to stimulate the kidneys. His histoiy was that, eight years previously, feeling the ear itch, he had rubbed it with the finger and induced bleeding. I hope that I lie lime is now passing when it is necessary to have definite, well-marked physical signs in the lungs before making a diagnosis in a child.

She seemed to be perfectly cured. For this reason, I have introduced an ordinary portable vice into our operating theatre, with its jaws defended by the common cork clamps (as used by gunsmiths). Became a practitioner of repute in Dayton, Alabama (where his son is now engaged in the drug business) and died at ihe in Hillsboro, N. Obstetrical Department of the Philadelphia Dispensary. There had been no epidemic of any kind at the hospital The West Group refrigerator was out of use it was undergoing repairs, and during this time the food was kept in makeshift places. In good faith and in the legitimate practice of medicine.

In demolishing the brain, it is desirable that you should break up the basis as early as practicable, for this part, I suspect, is more immediately connected with vitality.

Of bladder irritation had subsided, and the urine passed constantly through the wound. Ten were embolomycotic and related to bacterial endocarditis.

Nothing was done for her for some days; the paralysis was but partial, and, on examination, a feeble galvanic current affected the paralysed muscles much more than the sound ones. VIN MARIANI IS SO GUARANTEED ON THE LABEL UPON EACH BOTTLE j Old cases of conjunctivitis, and Corneal ulcers and injuries of the A Postal card will bring sample. Twenty fascial closures in dogs and were essentially the same in the animals studied.

Report of Committee on A r ew Remedies epitome of Wunderlich's work on Medical Thermometry; the As we have so recently laid before our readers a resume" of the chief features of Wunderlich'a great work in our notice of the New Sydenham Society's English translation by Dr. Haslam, President, ia the Chair.